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Beeskove Fire

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Lolo National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
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Beeskove August 16 Update

Beeskove Fire Wildfire
News – 8/16/2019

Contact: Public Information Officers

August 16, 2019

Phone: 406-209-8102

What: Beeskove Fire

Cause: Lightning July 23, 2019

Acres: 429 acres

Completion: 64%

Location: Rattlesnake Creek Drainage – 5 miles NE of the main Rattlesnake Trailhead

Yesterday firefighters completed fireline construction on the south and east flanks of the fire before showers and thunderstorms passed over the fire area. Fireline cleanup activities such as waterbarring, erosion control, and equipment removal will be the focus for the coming days. However, most of the fireline repair and rehabilitation will not take place until fire season is over.

The Beeskove fire continues to burn in steep, rugged terrain. Hot spots remain within the fire perimeter, especially on the southwest flank. It will continue to smoke and smolder. Although there could be increased fire activity in the area if conditions are right, the likelihood of the fire threatening communities is low. The construction of the firelines created a fuelbreak that will help with fire management in the area for years to come.

Today, Joe Sampson’s Wildland Fire Management Team will transition with a Lolo National Forest Type 3 fire team led by Karl Nikoleyczik. The Lolo National Forest intends to lift the closure for the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area at 12:01 Saturday morning. The National Recreation Area and main trail corridor will again be open for recreational use on Saturday.

However, the following Forest Service roads will remain closed to all activities until suppression operations are completed:

  • East Fork Rattlesnake Road (FSR #2112)

  • Mineral Peak Lookout Road (FSR #2120)

  • East Twin Creek Road (FSR #2117)

  • Upper Twin Creek Road (FSR #2119)

    The existing Nature Conservancy closure remains in effect.

Forecasted Weather: Today is expected to be drier with a mix of sun and clouds. Temperatures will slightly increase with highs in the lower 70s expected on the fire. Relative humidities will be 30-40%. Westerly winds of 5-10 mph are expected in the afternoon.

For the latest fire information, closure information, and photos, visit Stay current with the Lolo National Forest on Facebook@lolonationalforest and on Twitter @LoloNF.