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Beeskove Fire

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Beeskove August 13 Update

Beeskove Fire Wildfire
News – 8/13/2019

Contact: Public Information Officers August 13, 2019

Phone: 406-209-8102

What: Beeskove Fire

Cause: Lightning July 23, 2019 Acres: 429 acres Completion: 30%

Location: Rattlesnake Creek Drainage – 5 miles NE of the main Rattlesnake Trailhead

Yesterday firefighters continued work utilizing vegetation breaks and defensible terrain to construct indirect line around the fire and documenting the defensibility of homes and other structures in Grant Creek. There was no growth in fire size. An Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) was utilized again to identify remaining areas of heat along the fire perimeter. The UAS system has been extremely useful for safe and quick assessment of fire activity in the rugged terrain where the fire is burning.

In previous updates we presented percent “containment.” Here we present percent “completion.” The two terms are related (percent containment is a factor in the calculation of percent completed) but represent progress toward two different things. Percent containment is the percentage of the fire perimeter that is contained (i.e., the fire cannot spread to unburned fuel). Percent completion is calculated based on mitigation of hazards to firefighter and public safety, fire containment, structure assessments and protection, protection of important natural resource values, and suppression repair.

Today, crews will continue improving and connecting fire lines in the Gold Creek and Twin Creek areas so that those lines can be used in the future if fire activity increases. Hose line from the initial attack and other unneeded equipment is being removed from the fire area. Resources are being released as work is completed.

Fire personnel have left the Mount Jumbo High School and the ICP has returned to normal operations.

Forecasted Weather: Today is expected to be drier with a mix of sun and clouds. Temperatures will slightly increase with highs in the lower 70s expected on the fire. Relative humidities will be 30-40%. Westerly winds of 5-10 mph are expected in the afternoon.

Closures: The following areas are closed due to Beeskove Fire suppression operations:

  • Woody Mountain – Johnson Gulch area is closed to recreational use.

  • Sheep Mountain Trailhead is closed, along with access to the trailhead via East Twin Creek Road FS 2117 and Upper Twin Creek Road FS 2119.

  • Mineral Peak Lookout is closed as well as access to the lookout via the East Fork Rattlesnake Road FS 2112 and Mineral Peak Lookout Road 2120.

  • Upper Twin Creek/Sheep Mountain Spur Trail #505 is closed.

  • T13N, R17W - all The Nature Conservancy lands.

  • T14N, R17W – all The Nature Conservancy lands that lie west of the Gold Creek Road #126, north to the junction with West Fork Gold Creek Road #2103, then southwest of the West Fork Gold Creek Road #2103.

  • T15N, R17W – all The Nature Conservancy lands that lie southwest of the West Fork Gold Creek Roads #2103 and #4323.

For the latest fire information and photos, visit Stay current with the Lolo National Forest on Facebook@lolonationalforest and on Twitter @LoloNF.

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