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Osceola National Forest Wildfires 2019

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Smoke Outlook June 11 and 12, 2019

Osceola National Forest Wildfires 2019 Wildfire
News – 6/11/2019

Smoke Outlook for 6/11 - 6/12

Osceola National Forest Wildfires 2019

Issued at: 2019-06-11 09:45 EDT


Wildfires are quickly being mopped up and contained.

Firefighters are staying vigilant for new wildfires that may start

in the area during the dry conditions. Any new wildfires that

start can quickly cause roadway impacts due to smoke and

reduced visibility. Watch for fire equipment on the roadways

and reduce speeds when appropriate.


Smoke impacts from the Osceola National Forest wildfires are

little to none due to the hard work and diligence of the

firefighters on the ground. Smoke from outside of the area can

travel great lengths and settle overnight. Smoke can be seen

moving into the area from small wildfires and seasonal burning

to the south/southwest of the area. Impacts are light, but may

cause air quality to be in the moderate range at times.


Thunderstorms the last few day have brought a little

precipitation to the area, but not enough to end the fire

season. Fog formation in the early morning is starting to

happen around areas with standing water and depressions in

the landscape. Use cation when driving in areas with fog.

Afternoon thunderstorms could bring lightning to the area,

which may start new wildfires. Watch for responding

emergency equipment on roadways.