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Oregon Lakes

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Daily Update for Tuesday May 21st 2019 Oregon Lakes Fire

Oregon Lakes Wildfire
News – 5/21/2019

Type 2 Northwest (NW) Team 11 assumed command of the Oregon Lakes Fire today as the Alaska team completed a two week assignment and returned home to prepare for additional fires which may develop this summer. Alaskan firefighting crews remain on the fireline and several Alaska team members have been integrated into the NW team to assist with the complexities of operating in Alaska.

Crews are continuing to hold and improve the fireline. They also plan to assess areas where firing operations may be conducted to tie existing lines into the Delta River.

Fire was more active on the west side. Helicopter bucket drops and aerial retardant helped slow the growth. The active fire is in an area where crews continue to hold sections of fireline. Crews continue to prepare sites for point protection near military observation posts. Options for safe firing operations will continue to be assessed.

An unidentified object discovered yesterday was determined to be a very old Howitzer shell casing that presented no danger. Firefighter safety is vital to wildland firefighting, so crews are limited to established road and trail systems.

The Gannett Glacier Type 2 Initial Attack replaced the White Mountain crew which finished their two week assignment and demobilized.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place over the fire area to prevent outside aircraft, including military aircraft, from interfering with the suppression efforts.

Forecasted weather: Temperatures are predicted to be cooler today with a high of 67 degrees. North-northwest winds of 5-8 mph are expected. Relative humidity will remain marginal, bottoming out near 25 percent. Temperatures should remain slightly cooler for Tuesday when winds should return to southerly.

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