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Oregon Lakes

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Alaska Fire Service - Military Zone
Bureau of Land Management
Ft. Wainwright, AK 99703, AK

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Oregon Lakes Fire Information
Phone: 208-254-1130
Hours: Daily 9-7p

Beth Ipsen
Phone: 907-356-5511

Firefighters Continue Mop-Up and Burnout Ahead of the Oregon Lakes Fire

Oregon Lakes Wildfire
News – 5/14/2019

Start Date: April 30, 2019

Acres: 5,732

Personnel assigned: 101

Crews assigned: 3

Estimated costs to date: $533,943

Cause: human, under investigation

DELTA JUNCTION, Alaska – Firefighters are mopping up Sunday’s slopover and, when conditions allow, resume the initial burn operation, extending it farther west along the fuel break to create a larger buffer ahead of the Oregon Lakes Fire. Firefighters worked Monday mopping up Sunday’s burn operation and securing its edges. The main fire became active Monday in the northwest corner that had previously shown no activity. Because of this, the Alaska Incident Management Team will use the three crews assigned to extend the burnout further to the west. Firefighters are setting up a water pump and hose system to assist in their firing operation. Suppression aircraft will be on standby when the burn is ignited. Burnouts are a common tool used to fight fire. Removing the dead grass in front of the fire significantly reduces chances the fire will spread, keeping the fire to the smallest footprint possible. It also reduces the danger to firefighters and the costs involved with a much larger fire. The fire is not immediately threatening any structures, private property, state timber or military infrastructure.

While the grass has been very receptive to burning, the spruce and birch trees have mostly been resistant to burn. This will change as the summer progresses. The burn operation will provide an obstacle to prevent the fire’s movement north, but will not put this early-season fire out. Because the Delta area is prone to wildfires, the public is encouraged to take steps to minimize the impact of a fire to their property. More information is available through the Delta Area Forestry Prevention office at (907)895-4225 or Firewise online information.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place over the fire area to prevent outside aircraft, including military aircraft, from interfering with the suppression efforts.

Forecasted weather:
Warmer and drier weather is forecast to continue until Wednesday when a thermal trough is predicted to move over the fire area. Today, temperatures could push into the upper 60s and possibly low 70s with relative humidity levels in the mid- to upper-teens. Southerly winds will range from 5-13 mph with gusts up to 22 mph. Weather is predicted to cool down Wednesday afternoon. A slight chance of isolated thundercells near the fire area is expected Wednesday and Thursday, but there is no chance of wetting rains.

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