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Whaleback Fire

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Lassen National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
2550 Riverside Ave SUSANVILLE California 96130
Susanville, CA 96130

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Whaleback Fire - 7/31/18 1:00 pm update

Whaleback Fire Wildfire
Announcements – 7/31/2018

Whaleback Fire - 7/31/18 1:00 pm update

Fire fighters are using all tools necessary to suppress the fire. With clearing visibility, it is possible to use air tankers to drop retardant ahead of the fire. Today, tankers will be flying from Redding, Chico or Chester airports, and working over the northwest portion of the Whaleback fire.

A Mobile Retardant Base has been ordered, which will be set up in the Spalding area. There are no mobile retardant bases available in the United States, so we are borrowing one from Canada, which will not arrive for a few days.

There will also be more helicopters working over the fire today, flying from helibases in Susanville and Chester. The helicopters are dipping water from Eagle Lake and dropping it on the fire, using buckets suspended on long cables.

Increasing winds, beginning this afternoon and continuing through the weekend, will increase fire behavior and the potential for fire spread. Firefighters are using bulldozers, back-firing and retardant to build containment lines ahead of the fire.

A contingency line is being constructed along the 105 Road to the north of the fire. This line could be used to protect the communities of Buck’s Bay and Stones Landing, should the fire spread to the north due to extremely windy, hot and dry weather forecasted through the week.