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Natchez Fire

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Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
3040 Biddle Rd.
Medford, OR 97504

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8/11 Natchez Fire Update

Natchez Fire Wildfire
News – 8/11/2018

Weather: Morning SW winds are predicted to switch to N-NW by afternoon, however winds may fluctuate to northeasterly from time to time. 10-15 mph winds are predicted this afternoon with evening gusts of 20-25 mph on the ridges. Humidity today will be 22-30% with overnight recovery rising to 45-50% by the early morning hours. Another warming and drying pattern, along with lighter winds is forecasted for Sunday through Tuesday.

Max temps: Upper 80s in the valleys to lower 80s on the ridges.

Yesterday’s Activities: Patrol and mop up continued on the north half of the fire. Spotting occurred outside the fire perimeter near Tom Gray Gulch. Contingency crews working along Grayback Road were able to assist in extinguishing the spot fires. Crews worked to keep fire north of the South Fork Indian Creek until rolling debris and hazardous conditions required them to engage the sprinkler system and temporarily leave the area. Fire continues to remain north of South Fork Indian Creek. Aircraft made water drops along the west side of the fire, where fire backed down some of the ridges before burning back into itself. Fire remained east of Twin Valley Creek. Hose lays and plumbing were completed north of Mud Lake and plumbing was extended along the direct line to the east of Mud Lake. The contingency line south of the fire is prepped and ready in case it is needed. The structure protection group continued property assessments and preparation of a structure protection plan.

Today’s Activities: The objective continues to be protecting structures, communities and other high values to the east and south of the Natchez Fire. Patrol and mop up will continue on the north half of the fire. Line resources may be moved to enhance capacity on various areas of the fire, or provide initial attack on new fires. Firefighters will continue to work to keep fire north of South Fork Indian Creek. The contingency line has been strengthened and remains ready in the event of fire activity. Aircraft will be used, if conditions permit, to hold and secure the west side of the fire and to assist other locations. Firefighters will work to secure the fire edge in the southwest portion of the fire east of Mud Lake. Reconnaissance efforts will continue to look for additional opportunities to further secure the fire edge in the far southwest. Brush chipping will continue along Grayback Road.

Evacuations: The community of Sunstar has been placed in a Level 1 evacuation “Ready” status. Del Norte County, CA, including the community of Sunstar, has adopted the Oregon three level evacuation process. Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office has issued an evacuation order for two residences near the terminus of South Fork Road (Rd 17N32) and an evacuation warning for all residences accessed by the South Fork Road (Rd 17N32) and all residences accessed by the Grayback Road north of the junction of South Fork Road (Rd 17N32) and Grayback Road.

Closures: Closure Orders are in effect on Klamath National Forest and Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest within the vicinity of the Natchez Fire. Going into or being upon National Forest System lands within the Natchez Fire Closure Area is prohibited. Information about closures and maps of closure areas specific to the Natchez Fire on both the Klamath and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forests can be found at:

Grayback Road (Forest Highway 48) remains open to public travel. Short-term delays may occur.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place over the fire area for non-firefighting aircraft, including drones.

Be sure to check National Forest websites for information about current conditions:

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