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Natchez Fire

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Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
3040 Biddle Rd.
Medford, OR 97504

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7/31/18 Natchez Fire Update

Natchez Fire Wildfire
News – 7/31/2018

Weather and Fire Behavior: Our weather is trending slightly cooler, but with continued light winds. Temperatures will continue to be in low to mid 90’s across the valleys and ridges. Fire behavior will again have the opportunity to be active if and when the smoke clears over the fire area.

Yesterday’s Activities: Crews continued to make progress on the ground across the Natchez Fire yesterday. Crews monitored the progress of the low intensity burn between the 4810 and 012 roads on the northern end of the fire, allowing the burn to back at a controlled pace. The remainder dozer line that connects the 4810, 012 and 4808 roads was prepared for burning operations when the conditions allow. Crews continued to patrol the east side of the fire, checking for spot fires and maintain the existing fire line along the 060 road and limiting growth. Crews began to scout for potential containment lines along Indian Creek and looking for opportunities to tie those into the 030 road. The structure protection group began assessments of structures along Grayback road and Indian Creek. Light winds over were not strong enough to move the smoke layer out of the area which limited fire behavior throughout the day.

Today’s Planned Activities: Crews will again continue the low intensity burning operations along the dozer line connecting the 4810, 012 and 4808 roads on the North end of the fire, if and when conditions allow. They will also continue to prepare for the dozer line between the 4808 and 4904 roads to continue to provide opportunities to remove fuels between containment lines and the main fire. In addition, if conditions allow, crews will prepare and conduct a low intensity burn operation around Kelly lake in an effort to remove light fuels and reduce the opportunity for the main fire to spread. Crews have identified and will continue to work to open dozer lines that were established during the Eclipse Fire in 2017 south of Kelly Lake and will work to tie those lines into the 030 road and back into the Siskiyou Wilderness to the Southwest.

Evacuations: The community of Sunstar has been placed in a Level 1 evacuation “Ready” status. Del Norte County, CA, including the community of Sunstar, has adopted the Oregon three level evacuation process.

Area Closures: Fire closures are in place on both the Klamath National Forest and the Rouge River-Siskiyou National Forest. Additional information about the closure and maps of the closure area can be found at: . Be sure to check the Forest websites for information about current conditions: and





Interagency Fire Information center: 541-474-5305


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