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South Umpqua Complex Daily Update 8-2-18

South Umpqua Complex Wildfire
News – 8/2/2018


THURSDAY, AUGUST 2nd at 6:30 p.m.


Miles Fire remains the top priority of the three fires in this complex. South of Ragsdale Butte crews are continuing a line from Alco Rock to tie into Flat Creek and the fire is staying within the control line. The fire is most active in the Timbered Rock Fire scar from 2002.

Level 3 evacuations are still in place for residents of the Elk Creek area. Specifically, south and east of the Miles Fire, 96 structures have Level 3 evacuations in place. Power lines near the Miles Fire are threatened and have been deactivated.

Columbus Fire experienced more spotting to the northeast and moved across Crooked Creek, staying south of the 29 Road. High fuel moistures in damp areas have limited growth to the south. Crews on the west edge of the fire continued to mop-up and patrol, while burnout preparation and line improvement continued on the southwest side.

Snags have become a significant concern during firefighting operations. They are a key safety issue for firefighters and must be removed before line construction. Additionally, access roads like the 68 Road are now totally blocked by falling snags and must be reopened. Most fuels are experiencing seasonally abnormal dryness which impacts fire spread.

Today’s weather will be moderate and sunny, with temperatures around 70-80℉ and humidity 30-45% depending on elevation. The morning inversion that reduces fire behavior in the mornings and early afternoons is expected to lift mid-day. This will cause a rise in temperatures and decrease humidity, increasing fire activity.

Snowshoe Fire will continue to smolder and burn remaining fuels inside its perimeter. Ongoing activity includes hose lays into areas that are inaccessible by engines and where crews are mopping up within 200 to 300 feet from the edge of the fire. On the north side, crews are chipping piles of brush that were created during fire line construction and burnout preparation.

While the Elk Creek area has a Level 3 evacuation, the Tison Road area remains in Level 2. Level 1 evacuation notice has been issued for all areas near Trail. For additional information about the evacuations, call the Rogue Valley Fire Information Center at 541-474-5305.

Fire at a Glance

Forest Road and Trail Closures remain in effect.

Fire Size:
18,670 acres

Containment: 18%

Location: 45 miles southeast of Roseburg, Oregon (Tiller Ranger District)

Cause: Lightning

Personnel: 1,143


Crews: 33

Engines: 38

Dozers: 11

Tenders: 32


2 Type 1 heavy helicopters

1 Type 2 medium helicopter

1 Type 3 light helicopters

Fire Information:


Joint Information Center:



Facebook: Umpqua National Forest

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