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Spring Creek Fire

Unit Information

Costilla County
400 Gasper Street San Luis Colorado 81152
San Luis, CO 81152

Spring Creek (South) Fire Update - July 3

Spring Creek Fire Wildfire
News – 7/3/2018

Spring ck Fire Update (south)

July 3, 2018 - 9:00 a.m.

Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team Black

Shane Greer, Incident Commander

Information Center: 719-695-9573

Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Special notes: The fire acreage is now 78,941. The change in yesterday’s containment from 10% back to 5% was not due to any loss of achieved containment. The fire grew thousands of acres; this caused the perimeter to grow as well, thus decreasing the full percentage of containment.

There will be a community meeting in La Veta Wednesday, July 4, at 6 p.m. in the La Veta High School Gym, 109 E. Garland St.

Weather: Another active fire day is predicted. Red flag conditions remain today, primarily on ridgetops and exposed areas of the fire. Today will be hot, dry and unstable with windy conditions developing over the day. Winds will be from the west-southwest at 12-15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Relative humidity is low at 8-11%, and temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s. Conditions today could lead to dangerous outflow winds that contribute to erratic and problematic fire behavior.

Current Situation: Sun and heat will dry out fuels early in the day, resulting in early active fire behavior. As slope, fuels, and wind direction align, fire will carry easily and move quickly. Columns will likely develop early. Heavy dead, down surface fuels are very receptive to spotting, and there is the possibility of spotting up to 1 mile.

Monday evening, weather and wind contributed to significant fire behavior on the northeast, east, and southeast sides. Hotspots were prevalent, and fire pushed aggressively south and east in Division E, crossing some established dozer line. Today, crews will create contingency line stretching from Highway 160 south to Piney Ridge.

A new division, Division H, has been created between Divisions E and K. On the southeast side in Divisions H and K, the fire made a significant run along the ridgeline north of Raspberry Mountain, with flame lengths of over 300 ft. The fire is following continuous heavy fuels and moving downslope to the east toward Highway 12 north of Pine Haven. The fire has not crossed Highway 12, although spotting across the highway is a concern. Structure preparation continues in Pine Haven and Cuchara neighborhoods, and crews are constructing contingency line along School Creek Rd. Firefighters are scouting for opportunities for further line construction in Division K in the southeast-south, and more heavy equipment is being moved into this area.

In Divisions N and Z in the south and southwest, the fire continues backing downslope toward W. Indian Creek. In Division Z, crews have constructed indirect line southwest of the fire perimeter and are looking for opportunities to construct direct line where possible. Firefighters may conduct firing operations in this area as needed. The area around South Forbes continues to be at risk for spot fires; crews will be working to extinguish spots and protect structures. Fireline construction continues off Mallott Rd, moving from Division A south and east into Divisions Z and N. Fire activity on the west should be mostly limited to heavy fuels continuing to burn out. Interior islands of unburned fuel may ignite and burn; these have some potential to throw spots.

In Division D on the northwest side, crews are continuing handline that stretches north from previously built dozer line, and they are working to tie this into Highway 160.

Closures and Evacuations: Highway 160 remains closed from La Veta to Ft Garland. Highway 12 is closed in the Cuchara Valley area. Highway 69 is closed from mm 5 to mm 42. For current evacuee information in Huerfano County visit the Huerfano County Facebook page: or call 719-695-9604. For evacuee information in Costilla County visit the San Luis Valley Emergency page: or call 719-480-8719.

For More Information:

Inciweb: Facebook:

Twitter: @Springfire2018 Fire Info Line: 719-695-9573

Social media identifiers are now #springfire for both areas, #southspringfire (Team Black), and #northspringfire (Team Blue).

Spring Fire Statistics:

Start Date: June 27, 2018 Location: 5 miles east of Ft Garland, CO Size: 78, 941 acres

Percent Contained: 5% Resources: 715 Cause: Human caused, under Investigation

Evacuee Meeting: There is a daily 1 p.m. meeting for evacuees held at the evacuation center located at the Blanca/Ft Garland Community Center, 17591 E Hwy 160. The meetings will be live streamed on Facebook for those who cannot attend.

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