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Burro Fire

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San Juan National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
15 Burnett Court
Durango, CO 81301

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Burro Fire Update for July 8

Burro Fire Wildfire
News – 7/8/2018

This is the last daily update on the Burro Fire. This page will be updated only if conditions change.

Current situation: The Burro Fire received more rain on the afternoon of July 7, which reduced fire activity enough that smoke was hard to see. However, embers continue to smolder where heavy fuels are protected from the rain, such as the undersides of logs. When hot, dry weather returns, those smoldering embers may create small amounts of visible smoke. Firefighters have diligently extinguished hot spots they find near control lines, to reduce the chance that the fire may spread when dry weather returns.

On Saturday, two firefighting crews returned home after a 14-day assignment on the Burro Fire. Two crews will remain on the fire.

The long-term outlook for the Burro Fire area is positive. The fire consumed dead wood that cluttered the forest floor, and that ash will fertilize the soil. Scattered small areas of the forest burned completely, while other areas burned at a moderate level, and some areas did not burn at all. This “mosaic” pattern will encourage the regrowth of a diverse mix of vegetation that will improve habitat for many species.

Weather: Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are expected again on Sunday, and through the coming week. Storms will be increasingly capable of generating erratic winds and wetting rain.

Closures and public safety: Fire restrictions remain in effect on the San Juan National Forest and in Montezuma and Dolores counties. Residents and visitors should continue to avoid open burning, fireworks, or other activities that could create sparks or flame.

Closures are still in effect in the Burro and 416 fire areas. Please respect closure barriers on roads and trails. The Colorado Trail is still closed from Molas Pass south to Junction Creek, and the Hermosa Creek Wilderness is closed.

Firefighters are traveling on forest roads near the Burro Fire. Please drive cautiously on these narrow, winding roads.

Many roads and recreation areas are open: Highway 145 is open. McPhee Reservoir is open, both to shore fishing and boating. The Dolores River is accessible between Dolores and Rico.

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