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Burro Fire

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San Juan National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
15 Burnett Court
Durango, CO 81301

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Burro Fire Update for July 7

Burro Fire Wildfire
News – 7/7/2018

Current situation: The Burro Fire stayed calm and quiet on July 6, as afternoon rains returned to the fire area. Following established safety practices, firefighters kept a careful eye on the weather, and left high exposed positions at the first sign of lightning.

Recent moisture has reduced fire behavior to minimal levels, but the Burro Fire will continue to smolder for a long time. Firefighters are preparing for future dry weather by continuing to improve and widen control lines. As they remove trees and brush, they are chipping and scattering the woody material.

While those personnel continue the containment effort, others have begun the big job of removing firefighting equipment from the area. Hoses, pumps, water tanks, and many other tools must be retrieved, organized, and hauled down to the U.S. Forest Service district office in Dolores. There, other personnel will inventory, clean and pack these tools so they can be returned to the Rocky Mountain Interagency Support Cache, a major warehousing operation that supplies equipment to wildfires in western states.

Weather: Saturday’s forecast for the Burro Fire area includes afternoon showers and thunderstorms. This pattern should continue each afternoon and evening through the coming week, and storms will be increasingly capable of generating wetting rain. Increased clouds and showers will keep temperatures mild. The chance of lightning continues to be high in the afternoons.

Closures and public safety: Fire restrictions remain in effect on the San Juan National Forest and in Montezuma and Dolores counties. Residents and visitors should continue to avoid open burning, fireworks, or other activities that could create sparks or flame.

Closures are still in effect in the Burro and 416 fire areas. Please respect closure barriers on roads and trails. The Colorado Trail is still closed from Molas Pass south to Junction Creek, and the Hermosa Creek Wilderness is closed.

Firefighters are traveling on forest roads near the Burro Fire. Forest users should drive cautiously on these narrow, winding roads.

Many roads and recreation areas are open: Highway 145 is open. For current information on road closures in Colorado, go to

McPhee Reservoir is open, both to shore fishing and boating. The Dolores River is accessible between Dolores and Rico.

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