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Burro Fire

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San Juan National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
15 Burnett Court
Durango, CO 81301

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Burro Fire Update for July 5

Burro Fire Wildfire
News – 7/5/2018

Current situation: On July 4, cloudy skies, moderate temperatures, and increased humidity again moderated the behavior of the Burro Fire. As firefighters continue to improve control lines, they are also improving visibility on forest roads by clearing brush near blind corners.

The San Juan Hotshots, on loan from the 416 Fire, arrived midday Wednesday. They soon joined forces with Burro firefighters to begin building a contingency line down a steep slope roughly parallel to the Morrison Trail (Trail 610). Fire commanders decided to build this line as a precaution, in case fire behavior increases in the future. The San Juan Hotshots started near Highway 145 and the mouth of Bear Creek, and began working their way up the slope. The Unaweep and Selway modules, assigned to the Burro Fire, started high in the Bear Creek drainage, and began working their way down.

This control line is a strip about 30 yards wide where firefighters have removed logs and dead trees. They are leaving healthy aspens, which are naturally fire resilient, and trimming the lower branches from healthy conifers. The finished fuel break will support fire control efforts and improve forest health.

Weather: On Thursday, firefighters are expecting another day of favorable weather. Thursday’s temperatures will be mild, with increased humidity and a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms.

Many roads and recreation areas are open: Highway 145 is open, and it is not anticipated that it will be closed soon. For current information on road closures in Colorado, go to

McPhee Reservoir is open, both to shore fishing and boating. The Dolores River is accessible between Dolores and Rico.

Closures and public safety: Residents and visitors are reminded to avoid open burning, fireworks, or other activities that could create sparks or flame. Fire restrictions remain in effect on the San Juan National Forest and in Montezuma and Dolores counties.

Firefighters are traveling on forest roads near the Burro Fire. Forest users should drive cautiously on these narrow, winding roads.

Please respect closure barriers on roads and trails in the Burro and 416 fire areas. The Colorado Trail is closed from Molas Pass south to Junction Creek, and the Hermosa Creek Wilderness is closed.

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