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Scenic Loop Complex

Unit Information

Texas A & M Forest Service
College Station, TX 77845

Scenic Loop Complex Daily Update June 10, 2018

Scenic Loop Complex Wildfire
News – 6/10/2018

Southern Area Blue Type 1 Incident Management Team, Texas A&M Forest Service, and Jeff Davis County are working in unified command to contain multiple fires within Jeff Davis County.

Scenic Loop Complex include seven fires: 48 Tank, Bear Mountain, Brooks, Jones/Phillips, Long X2, Rincon, and Windmill.

Engines will continue to patrol and mop-up along the 48 Tank, Bear Mountain, Long X2, and Windmill fires. Hand crews are using hand tools to construct fireline in rough terrain where heavy equipment cannot access.

Air Attack is patrolling and relaying fire size and behavior, working in unison with helicopters, Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATs), and ground crews. Helicopters and SEATs are assisting ground crews with retardant and water drops as well as monitoring fires.

Scenic Loop Complex resources supported local resources in initial attack on two fires near the complex cause by thunderstorm activity on June 9, 2018.

Weather and Fire Behavior Above normal temperatures and sufficient moisture in the atmosphere will be favorable for isolated thunderstorms across the Scenic Loop Complex. Conditions are expected to remain hot and dry through early next week. High temperatures ranging from 88-93 degrees Fahrenheit and minimum relative humidity between 20-27%. Winds out of the south east 12-18 mph. Winds in an near any thunderstorm will be gusty and erratic.

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