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416 Fire

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San Juan National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
15 Burnett Court
Durango, CO 81301

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416 Fire Wildfire
News – 7/9/2018

416 FirePublished by Kris Eriksen · 15 mins ·

To everyone in the communities around the 416 Fire, we extend our gratitude and thanks for your kindness, your acceptance of the work we had to do, your tolerance of the smoke it generated and your hospitality. Everyone has been warm and gracious to our firefighters and to the NIMO team during our time here and it was greatly appreciated.

But now we have to go home and rest up for the next community in need, so this is our last post as we close up the Fire Information shop. Our phone numbers stopped working at 8 pm tonight since they took our phones!! Our internet will be down soon so we will not be updating Facebook or Inciweb. We will be in charge of the fire until Tuesday at noon which is when the Incident Command Post at the school will be mostly shutdown as well.

If you see smoke on the 416 fire on a hot day, that's perfectly normal! Its a big fire and it'll take a lot of rain or snow to put it out completely. But for now, you have rain and by the end of the week, you will have a LOT of it. Please be careful if you live at the outflow of Dyke Creek, Tripp Creek or in the Falls Creek area. The severity of the burn means there could be severe flooding. Please pay attention to your local Emergency Managers and Sheriff.

If you have questions about the 416 Fire or any other fire on the San Juan National Forest, please call the San Juan Public Affairs Officer, Gretchen Fitzgerald at 970-422-2671.