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Ute Park Fire

Unit Information

Cimarron District
PO Box 5 Ute Park New Mexico 87749
Ute Park, NM 87749

For Your Safety Flyer

Ute Park Fire Wildfire
News – 6/14/2018

For Your Safety

Portions of the area you are entering were burned during recent fires. Be aware that you may encounter hazards in the forest such as:
Ash and Needles on the Trail – can make trail slippery.

Burned-Out Stump Holes – ground may be weak & unstable.

Unstable Dead Trees Especially in windy conditions!

Loose Rocks and Logs – watch for rolling debris.

Flash Flooding and Mud Flows – especially in areas without vegetation.

Conditions in a burned forest change constantly. Be alert!

Take proper safety precautions such as:

Check the weather forecast before you leave.

Assess current weather conditions in the forest.

Let someone know where you are.

Locate your camp away from burned trees.

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