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Tinder Fire

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Coconino National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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Hwy 87 is open but the Coconino National Forest area closure for the Tinder

Tinder Fire Wildfire
News – 5/5/2018

Hwy 87 is open but the Coconino National Forest area closure for the Tinder Fire remains in effect.

Tinder Fire – May 5, 2018 Evening Update

Acres: (estimated) 15,841 acres
Containment: 79%

Start Date: April 27, 2018
Cause: Abandoned Illegal Campfire

Origin Location: 1.5 mi NE of Blue Ridge Reservoir
Jurisdiction: Coconino National Forest

Fuels: Timber (grass and understory)
Structures Lost: 33 primary residences, 54 minor structures

Resources: 413 personnel including 8 crews, 4 helicopters, 20 engines, 5 dozers, 1 water tenders, and other support personnel

Highway 87 is open but the Coconino National Forest area closure for the Tinder Fire remains in effect. Visit for more information regarding the forest area closure.

Unauthorized use of unmanned aircraft (also known as “drones”) in a fire area endangers the lives of pilots and firefighters. Never fly unmanned aircraft over or near a wildfire whether there is a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) in effect or not. It is always dangerous to fly over or near a wildfire. If you fly, someone could die! Visit for more information on drones and wildfires.

Creeping and smoldering was the most common fire activity around the fire today. Fire burned more actively in areas of unburned fuels within the fire’s perimeter. Heavy fuels, like logs, continue to hold heat. The remaining hot spots within the fire’s perimeter still have the potential to spread as the warmer, drier conditions continue over the next few days.

There was some smoke today as yesterday’s burnout operation continued to consume unburned fuels within the fire’s perimeter. Smoke will move toward the northwest during the night. An air inversion, beginning later tonight, may hold smoke close to the ground until the inversion lifts tomorrow morning. There will be moderate smoke impacts to the Blue Ridge Communities. Air quality updates will be posted to websites below.

Following yesterday’s burnout operations on the northeast corner of the fire, firefighters patrolled, moped-up, and further secured the line. Otherwise around the fire, firefighters continued to patrol, mop-up, and do suppression repair to help minimize impacts on the landscape and minimize the potential for soil erosion.

Firefighters continue efforts to fully suppress the fire where they can do so safely and effectively. Objectives include ensuring emergency responder and public safety, protecting structures, facilities and infrastructure in local communities including Starlight Pines 1 & 2, Tamarron Pines Phase 1-5, Blue Ridge Estates Units 1 & 2, Mogollon Range Unit 1 & 2, Clear Creek Pines 8 & 9, Moqui Ranchettes and Ponderosa Pines, and Camp Colley, protecting sensitive natural and cultural resources, and minimizing prolonged smoke impacts.

Tinder Fire Information: (928) 792-1666 or

InciWeb: (includes links to County Emergency Alert sign-up, etc.)

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Coconino County Recovery Info: (928) 213-2990 or (928)-679-8393, https:/