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Rattlesnake Fire

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Fort Apache Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
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San Carlos Agency Level 2 Fire Restrictions

Rattlesnake Fire Wildfire
Announcements – 4/17/2018

San Carlos, Arizona.



Level 2 Fire Restrictions

Contact: Wilfred Steele, Fire Prevention Technician at 475-2329 ext. 321.
E-M: wsteele@.forestry.scat..:nsn.l!ov

The Office of the Chairman announced today that due to fire conditions, as reviewed by the San Carlos Council's Natural Resource Committee and the Tribe's Forest Resources and the Recreation & Wildlife Department, Level 2 fire restrictions must be placed into effect
Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that: Level 2 Restriction will be in effect Reservation-wide, as follows:
1. Fires, campfires, charcoal, coal or wood use are prohibited in campgrounds.
2. Smoking is permissible only in enclosed vehicles or buildings.
3. Propane stoves or grills will be allowed only in developed campgrounds.
4. Campfires will be allowed only at San Carlos Lake and Talkalai Lake.

If you plan to conduct or attend a ceremonial dance or revival, please contact Mr. Steele, as above.
The purpose of this Order is to provide for the public's health and safety and to protect the Tribe's forested lands, resources and facilities during the current period of severe fire danger. This Order is made pursuant to the Tribe's Constitution Article V, Section l{f), as well as for public safety and to protect the Tribe's natural resources.