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Kelsey Fire

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Willamette National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Springfield, OR 97477

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Jones & Kelsey Fire Update - September 27, 2017

Kelsey Fire Wildfire
News – 9/28/2017

Jones Fire / Kelsey Fire

9/27/2017 - 8 a.m.

Fire Information: (541) 937-5219

Jones Fire - Size: 10,220 acres Containment: 80% Cause: Lightning

Kelsey Fire - Size: 441 acres Containment: 30% Cause: Lightning

Yesterday’s Activity - Fire suppression repair is in full swing on the west flank of the Jones Fire. Thisincludes a series of immediate post-fire actions taken to repair impacts to the land and minimize the potential for erosion and other issues that might arise from these activities. It usually begins before the fire is completely contained and before the demobilization of the incident management team. It includes repairing areas impacted by the suppression effort hand lines, dozer lines, and helispots. Good progress was made on the chipping operations along FR 18. On the east flank log processing and felling of hazards trees continued today. On the Kelsey Fire crews continued to secure the containment on Bunchgrass Ridge on the south and western edges of the fire and worked further down towards Kelsey Creek.

Today’s Operations - On the Jones Fire the felling of fire-weakened hazard trees and moving logs out of the way will continue. Firefighters will continue to patrol and mop-up hot spots. Crews will be repairing hand lines and chipping operations will continue on the south flank. In order to repair dozer lines, excavators will be constructing water bars and spreading vegetation and woody over the disturbed areas. Crews will be at Kelsey Creek during tomorrows potential wind event and suppression repair work will be on the dozer line on the west flank. With the clear skies, air support will be readily available, should it be needed.

Weather and Fire Behavior – It is expected tobe another 10 degrees warmer today with a minimum relative humidity in the low 20’s. An offshore flow is expected to today which could result in east winds gusting to 25 mph on the ridges. With the warmer conditions surface fuels continue to dry and may support fire spread from an ignition source. Some isolated interior re-burn is possible, and flare-ups are likely from jackpots of fuel. Heavy fuels will continue to be consumed.

Closures: Forest visitors should familiarize themselves with the area closure orders before venturing into the vicinity. See below for detailed maps at:

· Jones Fire -

· Kelsey Fire -

· Forest Closure Information (Roads, Campgrounds, Trails):

For information on all Willamette National Forest Fires:

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