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Coolwater Complex

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Nez Perce - Clearwater National Forests
U.S. Forest Service
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Updated Closure Announcement from Nez Perce - Clearwater National Forest

Coolwater Complex Wildfire
Closures – 9/11/2017

Restrictions and Closures at a Glance

The Nez Perce and Clearwater National Forests are experiencing a longer-than-average fire season this year with more than 40 fires still actively burning. As a precaution, fire restrictions have been enacted to prevent new human-caused starts, and roads, trails and areas have been closed to protect people from the hazards associated with active fire areas. The Forest is mindful that people are anxious to resume fall recreation activities and is committed to lifting restrictions and closures as soon as it is prudent to do so.

Fire Restrictions: Stage 1 fire restrictions are in effect for the Grangeville Fire Restriction Area, river breaks and Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. Stage 2 restrictions apply to the Coeur d’Alene dispatch zone (western section) of the Palouse Ranger District. Details are located at

Palouse Ranger District Closures: An area closure remains in effect for the Strychnine Fire area located approximately 5 miles NE of Harvard. The Giant White Pine and Laird Park Campgrounds and Bald Mountain Lookout also remain closed. For information call (208)875-1131.

Moose Creek Ranger District Closures: Due to multiple large fires, Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness lands located within the Moose Creek Ranger District have been closed. This includes the Moose Creek and Shear Airstrips. A complex of roads and trails east of Lowell nestled between the Lochsa and Selway Rivers has been closed due to fire activity associated with the Coolwater Complex Fires. Johnson Bar Campground is closed. For information call (208)926-4258.

Lochsa/Powell Ranger District Closures: A large area has been closed on the Forest’s northeastern border east of Lolo Pass due to the 50,500-acre Lolo Peak Fire, which has crossed onto the Nez Perce-Clearwater Forest from the neighboring Lolo National Forest. A system of trails within the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness east of Elk Summit, and Colt Creek Road 359 are also closed due to the 11,300-acre Hidden Fire. Liz Butte Road 560 and a complex of trails are closed in the Liz Butte area roughly 23 miles east of Pierce due to the Liz Butte and Weitas Fires. Closures associated with the Coolwater Complex Fires (see Moose Creek Closures above) also affect roads and trails on the Lochsa/Powell District. For information, call the Lochsa Ranger District (208)926-4274 or Powell (208)942-3113.

Salmon River Ranger District Closure: An area closure remains in effect in the vicinity of the Hanover and Twin Lakes Fires north of the Salmon River and east of Florence. Much of area is contained within or adjacent to the western section of the Gospel-Hump Wilderness. For information, call the Salmon River Ranger District at (208)983-1950 or (208)839-2211.

Red River Ranger District: An area closure affects lands east and north of Red River Hot Springs due to the 80-acre Pronghorn Fire burning on Matteson Ridge. A second closure has been enacted related to the 4,600-acre Rattlesnake Point Fire located in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness on the north side of the Salmon River between Rattlesnake Creek and Nixon Creek. Segments of trails 71 and 10 remain closed due to the 800-acre Patrol Ridge Fire burning 4.5 miles west of Windy Saddle. For information, call the Red River Ranger District at (208)842-2245.

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