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Sawmill Creek Fire

Unit Information

South Puget Sound Region-Department of Natural Resources

Sawmill Fire and Norse Peak Fire - North Zone Evacuation Information

Sawmill Creek Fire Wildfire
Announcements – 9/16/2017

Sawmill Fire and Norse Peak Fire - North Zone

Evacuation Information and Guide Sept. 13, 2017

As the fire continues to slowly burn down to the highway, representatives from the Incident Management Team, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Pierce County Department of Emergency Management, and Fire Chief Paul Sowers of the Greenwater Fire Department identified a plan for awareness and evacuation areas. The designated areas and current awareness levels for each area are:

Area 1: From Federation State Park eastbound SR 410 to Forest Service Road 70. This area has no fire danger advisory level.

Area 2: Forest service Rd 70 eastbound SR 410 to Forest Service road 73. This area is currently at a fire awareness advisory LEVEL 1.

Area 3: Forest service Rd 73 eastbound SR 410 to FS 7160 (Ranger Creek). This area is at fire danger advisory LEVEL 2.

Area 4: FS 7160 eastbound to Crystal Mountain Blvd to include the Crystal Mountain Resort. This area is still at a fire danger evacuation LEVEL 3.

LEVEL 1 means BE ALERT. Be aware of fire activity that is in your area. Monitor local media for updated information. People with access to facilities or those who have functional needs, such as health or mobility concerns, or those with animals, should begin making arrangements to evacuate.

LEVEL 2 means BE READY. There is significant danger to your area. People should voluntarily relocate to a place outside the affected area. If choosing to remain in your home, be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. Monitor local media for more updated information.

LEVEL 3 means LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Danger in your area is current or imminent. Leave immediately. Listen to local media and emergency personnel for further instructions regarding the evacuation.

Please note, awareness and evacuation levels may change. Changes will be communicated through Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Incident Management Team, Greenwater Fire Department, and Pierce County Department of Emergency Management.