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Adair Peak Fire

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Glacier National Park
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Rain Received Over the Sprague, Adair Peak and Elder Creek Fires

Adair Peak Fire Wildfire
News – 9/19/2017

Tuesday,September 19,2017

Note: There was no infrared flight due to weather; updated acreages were last received on 9/17/2017.

Sprague Fire (5 miles northeast of West Glacier): 16,790 acres. Yesterday, a quarter inch of rain was received on the north end of the fire while the south end received approximately a half of an inch. In areas with thick canopies little of the moisture reached the forest floor and smoke was still visible from active surface fire. However, high humidities have affected lighter fuels and minimized fire activity. Crews will begin installing hose lays and sprinklers on trails between the Sperry Trailhead and John’s Lake area. Firefighters have a greater probability of success holding the fire before it reaches the Going- to-the-Sun Road due to current conditions. Efforts will continue to remove water handling equipment from higher elevations utilizing helicopters.

Structure protection continuesin the Lake McDonald Lodge and North Lake McDonald area: Sprinklers and water handling equipment remain in place around the Lake McDonald Lodge complex and will be utilized as needed. Pumps and hose lay systems have been installed in the Avalanche Creek Campground, Trail of the Cedars area and North McDonald Lake area. The Wheeler Cabin and Mount Brown Lookout are wrapped. Crews will continue structure protection planning in Apgar Village.

Adair Peak Fire (18 miles north/northwest of West Glacier): 4,034 acres. The Adair Peak Fire continues to see minimal fire activity. As the threat of fire movement towards the Patrol Cabins diminished, the wrap from the Upper Patrol cabin was removed and water handling equipment will be prepped for removal.

Elder Creek Fire (40 miles north of West Glacier on the US/Canada Border): 282 acres in Glacier National Park, total of 2,547 acres (note: this acreage does not reflect changes since 9/14). As fire activity remains minimal, aerial reconnaissance will be used to monitor the fire.

Smoke and Weather Conditions: Yesterday, an average of 0.25 to 0.50 inches of precipitation was received over the Sprague Fire. While this moisture moderated fire activity, the thick canopy prevented most of it from reaching the forest floor where the fire is actively burning. Less precipitation (one tenth of an inch) was received over the Adair Peak and Elder Creek fires. Cooler weather will persist today with chances of showers going into Wednesday. Smoke will continue to be visible from these fires; other fires in Montana and British Columbia may also contribute to haziness in the area. You can monitor current smoke and visibility conditions in Glacier National Park at:

An evacuation ORDER remains in place from the south end of Lake McDonald north to Logan Pass. This includes the North McDonald Road. The duration of the evacuation is unknown at this time.

MOST areas of the park remain OPEN: The Going-to-the-Sun Road from Saint Mary to Logan Pass, Two Medicine, Many Glacier, and Apgar are currently open. Please check the park website for current conditions as weather may impact closures:

Fire Information Phone: 406-387-9092

Sprague Fire Inciweb:

Adair Peak Fire Inciweb:

Elder Creek Fire Inciweb:



Montana Wildfire Smoke Updates:

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