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Eagle Creek Fire

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Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
U.S. Forest Service
902 Wasco Avenue
Hood River, OR 97031

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Eagle Creek Fire Information
Phone: 541-308-1700
Hours: Monday -Friday 8am-4:30pm

Transcript for Video Briefing 9-13-17

Eagle Creek Fire Wildfire
News – 9/13/2017

Good morning, Rick Miller Operations Section Chief. I'll give you an update on what happened yesterday and a little bit of what our plans are for today. Starting on the west end in the Bridal Veil area crews made really good progress both on the north side and the south side. They were mopping up. That's looking really good in there. On both sides of the [west] fire edge spot fires are looking really good. There's no heat at all in them. There's no chance of movement. Coming down the Highway 84 corridor we did have quite a few crews looking at some of these areas. The fire had not quite burned down to our control feature and we went in there direct so it would not burn anymore, or burn those out, so Highway 84 corridor is looking good all the way up to Cascade Locks.

The burnout from three days ago we had people patrolling and mopping up so that's looking really good. Our Prep line out further in advance of the fire was implemented so that looks good. Coming over to around the east end we had a lot of people and horsepower working from Mitchell Point back up towards the Wahtun Lake putting indirect line in out here. A lot of good progress out there and we still have several days worth of work to do to get that line in place and prepared to burn, if we have to.

And so as far as what the fire did yesterday, There was a pretty good active fire day with the weather we had yesterday. We had some heat putting up pretty good columns yesterday up in the upper headwaters of Multnomah Falls that was non-consequential to our suppression action and as well the Tanner Creek, we had a little bit on the south side and also the upper headwaters of Eagle Creek, so there were three different places where there were pretty good columns coming out of the south end. The one piece that did put up a lot of smoke and some pretty good growth on the fire yesterday... late in the afternoon the fire had crossed Herman Creek to the east side and throughout the day and the night it made a pretty good push out to Nick Eaton Ridge staying high up on the ridge about a mile or so, a half a mile to a mile off the highway corridor it was very active and traveled a good distance, a mile and a half or two miles. So that being said what we plan today, continue with all the work over here on the west end. We're looking at potentials to maybe do some work on the burnout operation going east from Herman Creek to keep the fire from wanting to turn around and come back into Cascade Locks, and all of out prep work. So, end of report.