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Bearskin Fire

Unit Information

Boise National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Boise, Idaho, ID 83709

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9-14-2017 Bearskin Fire Update

Bearskin Fire Wildfire
News – 9/14/2017

Bearskin Fire Update Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bearskin Fire Information:

Boise National Forest Fire Information: 208-373-4105

Acres: 30,075 Acres Containment: 0 percent Personnel: 151

Resources assigned: 5 crews, 5 engines, 2 water tender, 1 NIMO Team

BOISE, Idaho – Warmer temperatures, cloudy skies and rain greeted firefighters Wednesday morning as they gathered for their morning briefing on the Bearskin Fire and left for the line. By mid-morning, skies had cleared and crews were hard at work on a variety of tasks along NFR Roads 579 and 555.

Crews continued to monitor the area around Deadwood Lodge after Tuesday’s firing operations. Engines patrolled the east side of the fire while saw crews continued cutting snags off NFS Road 579. To the south of the fire on NFS Road 555, Centennial Job Corps Center Crew 9 worked on creating indirect line by removing brush and falling trees that could topple over and block the road, or spread fire if it reached the area.

“Any rain we get helps us on a fire, but we’re not done here yet,” said incident commander Bill Hahnenberg. “There is still smoke coming from parts of the fire and our crews are working hard to improve and secure our existing lines as part of our confinement and point protection strategy.”

Thursday’s plan is to complete all work along NFS Road 579 and continue point protection around Deadwood Lodge. On the north end of NFS Road 555, chipping will continue while saw crews work on clearing brush on the south end of the road. Near Deadwood Reservoir, heavy equipment will be removing snags on the east side of the road as a precautionary measure to prevent trees from blocking the road and resource advisors will also be working around the reservoir to identify any values that need to be protected, should a fire move into the area.

The fire area will be mostly cloudy today with a slight chance of thundershowers in the morning and chance of rain during the remainder of the day. Northwest winds from 5 to 8 mph are expected with gusts of 15 mph possible with morning thunderstorm activity.

The Bearskin Fire area closure remains in place for public safety and includes the Deadwood Reservoir area and all the campgrounds and trails in the vicinity. The NFS Road 582 through Bear Valley remains open except between the junctions of NFS Roads 545 and 515 which is closed for construction. Work is expected to last into October. All Forest Closure Orders and maps are available at:

Stage 1 fire restrictions are in effect on public and private lands under fire protection of the Boise National Forest, Boise BLM and State of Idaho. Campfires are only permitted in developed recreation sites with an agency approved metal fire ring. Smoking is allowed in a cleared area of at least 3 feet in diameter, in a vehicle or in a developed recreation site. For specific information visit: