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Horse Creek Complex

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Willamette National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Springfield, OR 97477

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Horse Creek Complex and Rebel Fire Update for Saturday, Sept. 30

Horse Creek Complex Wildfire
News – 9/30/2017

Update for Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, 9 a.m.

Fire Information: (541) 719-8371


Attention: Firefighters and heavy equipment are still working in parts of the Willamette National Forest and Three Sisters Wilderness. Drivers, hunters and recreationists need to be cautious when using these public lands. Expect slow moving vehicles, know your target and know where you can go before you leave.

Forest Roads Open: The following Forest Service Roads along Highway 126 are open to the public: FSR 2664, Robinson Lake Road; FSR 2657, Olallie Creek Road; FSR 2653, Boulder Creek Road; FSR 2649, Scott Creek Road; FSR 2647, Cupola Road; FSR 2643, Foley Ridge Road; and Highway 242, Old McKenzie Highway, from HWY 126 to the gate at Camp White Branch. The Willamette National Forest along these roads is open but the Three Sisters Wilderness remains closed. The Mount Washington Wilderness south of Benson Lake Trial #3502, Scott Mountain Trail #4339 and Scotty Way Trail #4345 is closed.

FSR 2639, King Road is open to FSR 2638, Horse Creek Road, but Horse Creek is closed east of this intersection.

FSR 19, Aufderheide Scenic Byway, is open, for a short distance, from HWY 126 to FSR 410, Cougar Dam Road. FSR 411 is open to allow access to the Castle Rock area. O’Leary Mountain Trail is closed as is the forest and wilderness areas south of it. The scenic byway is closed from the junction with 410, south to the Roaring Ridge South Trailhead; the trail remains closed. Cougar Reservoir, Terwilliger “Cougar” Hot Springs and other recreation sites remain closed. Forest roads 1957, 1958 and adjacent spurs are open but the forest and wilderness areas to their east are closed.

Forest Trails Open: In the Three Sisters Wilderness south of Skookum Creek: Erma Bells Trail #3563, Judy Lake Trail #3575, Jack Pine Way #3587, Irish Mountain Trail #3588, and Williams Lake #3589. In Mount Washington Wilderness: Robinson Lake Trailhead, Deer Butte Trail #3508 and Hand Lake Trail #3513 until they reach the closure area. On the northern edge of the wilderness, Patjens Lake Loop #3395 from Big Lake is open.

Current Situation: Increasing clouds Friday brought much cooler temperatures and a little rain. Snow in the higher elevations and scattered rain showers are expected across the complex this weekend. Forecasters are not predicting as much precipitation as before.

Suppression repair work is nearly complete on the northern portion of the Separation Fire. A grader will begin working on the roads as the last task is started. Firefighters are nearly done around the Avenue Fire with short lengths of handline and dozer line to be repaired. Another day, possibly two, of chipping brush and slash is needed. As work is completed around these two fires, crews and equipment will move to the Rebel Fire to complete the work needed along Forest Service Road 19.

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