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Horse Creek Complex

Unit Information

Willamette National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Springfield, OR 97477

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Mt. Washington Closure Order

Horse Creek Complex Wildfire
News – 9/4/2017


All areas affected by this closure are located within Linn County and Lane County, Oregon. In Linn County, Oregon, Township14S, Range 71/2E, Sections 9-16, 21-28 and 33-36. In Township 15S, Range 71/2E, Sections 1-4 and 9-16. In Township 15S, Range 7E, Sections 1-18. In Township 15S, Range 6E, Sections 1 and 12-13. In Township 14S, Range 7E, Sections 9-17, 20-29 and 31-36. In Lane County, Oregon, Township 15S, Range 71/2E, Sections 21-28 and 33-35. In Township 16S, Range 8E, Sections 5-7. Township 16S, Range 7E, Sections 1-22. Township 16S, Range 6E, Sections 1-2, 11-13 and 24. Township 15S, Range 6E, Section 35-36, 25-26 and 23-24. Township 15S, Range 7E, Sections 19-36.

The closure includes all US Forest Service lands, roads and trails within the boundary described below and as depicted on the attached map and incorporated into this order as "Attachment A."

Beginning where Forest Service Road (FSR) 500 intersects with the Willamette National Forest boundary (forest boundary) in T14S, R71/2E, Section 12. South along the National Forest boundary to the intersection of the National Forest boundary with Highway 242, all lands west of the National Forest boundary and north of Highway 242. West along the north side of Highway 242 to the intersection of Highway 242 and Highway 126. North along the east side but not including Highway 126 and exclusive of the Right-of-Way, all lands east of the Right-of-Way to the southern boundary of Section 16 in T14S, R7E. East along the boundary of the Mt. Washington Wilderness and including Forest Trail 3395 (Patjens Lakes Trail) in entirety, but excluding Big Lake Day Use Area, Big Lake Campground and Big Lake West Campground to the intersection of FSR 500 and the forest boundary.

This closure area includes the following roads and associated spur roads:

#2649 (Scott Creek Rd.)

#2653 (Boulder Creek Rd.)

#2657 (Olallie Creek Rd.)

This closure area includes the following trailheads:

Robinson Lake TH

Fingerboard Prairie TH

Patjens Lake Loop TH

Pacific Crest Trail TH southbound at Big Lake

The following areas remain open:

McKenzie River Trail in its entirety

Frissell Boat Launch

McKenzie River Overlook

Olallie Campground and Boat Launch

Koosah Falls Overlook

Ice Cap Campground

Sahalie Falls Overlook

Waterfalls Trail

Cold Water Cove Campground and Boat Launch

Clear Lake Resort & Boat Launch

Clear Lake Picnic Area

Upper McKenzie River Trailhead

Big Lake Campground and Boat Launch and Day Use Area

Big Lake West Campground

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