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Six Rivers NF Fire Update: August 28, 2017

Young Fire Wildfire
News – 8/28/2017

EUREKA, California, August 28, 2017 – Current fires and fire complexes on the Six Rivers National Forest include the Orleans Complex, consisting of 6 active fires, and the Young Fire. The western side of the Oak Fire—part of the Klamath National Forest’s Eclipse Complex—is on the Six Rivers National Forest. Firefighter and public safety is the priority.

Orleans Complex ( Six of nineteen fires remain active: Ukonom (4,128 acres, 52 percent contained); Haypress (4,847 acres, 0 percent contained); Burney (1,349 acres, 0 percent contained); Forks (243 acres, 0 percent contained); Frank (27 acres, 0 percent contained); and Hooligan (0.1 acres, 0 percent contained).

Despite hot, dry conditions yesterday, fire activity was moderated, in part, by abundant smoke that continues to blanket the area. Overnight, the Haypress Fire moved moved north into the Marble Mountain Wilderness near the Haypress Trailhead at Forest Road (FR) 15N17E. Firefighters are prepared to conduct firing operations along the road if weather conditions allow. A felling crew is cutting fire-weakened trees that pose a threat to firefighters working near the fireline. On the southern end of the fire along FR 12N02, crews are monitoring the fire’s progression and are prepared to conduct firing operations. On the fire’s southeastern side, structure-defense crews and engines remain in place to protect historic structures near Wooley Creek.

The Ukonom Fire was minimally active yesterday and overnight, with a small area of movement on the southeastern edge of the fire, west of Ukonom Creek. No movement has been detected outside containment lines on the western edge of the fire or across Ukonom or Lick Creeks. Last night’s infrared flight detected very little heat within the fire perimeter. Crews continue to patrol and mop up the firelines, remaining vigilant for hazards that could threaten containment.

The infrared flight detected a few scattered hot spots within the Burney Fire perimeter. The Forks, Frank, and Hooligan Fires have not been significantly active for several days.

Crews have started to repair firelines and other areas affected by fire-suppression efforts. Along with constructing water bars and removing berms to prevent erosion during future rain events, firefighters are covering firelines with vegetation to prevent unwanted access and to restore habitat. Throughout the complex, crews are coordinating closely with local experts to prevent damage to natural and cultural resources.

Young Fire ( The Young Fire—in the Siskiyou Wilderness on the Gasquet Ranger District—will be incorporated into the neighboring Eclipse Complex today at 6 p.m., when a Type 1 incident management team assumes command of the complex on the Klamath National Forest. The Young Fire has been minimally active in recent days. The west side of the fire has bumped up against a 2015 fire scar, which will significantly reduce its westward spread. Northward spread will be limited due to the rocky, sparsely vegetated terrain. With an objective of keeping the fire north of Doe Creek, crews are monitoring the fire’s behavior and a helicopter is available for bucket drops if fire activity increases in that area.

Oak Fire (Eclipse Complex, Klamath National Forest) ( A 2,486-acre portion of 47,000-acre Oak Fire is on the Six Rivers National Forest, south of Jedidiah Mountain and east of the South Fork Smith River in the Siskiyou Wilderness. The fire has advanced down into the Smith River drainage in places but remains on the east side of the river. Fire Management Officer Mike Minton is reasonably confident that the fire will not cross the river but stresses it is imperative to plan and prepare for that possibility. The objective, should the fire cross the wilderness boundary, is to keep the fire east of Blue Ridge by using Forest Road 16N02 as a fireline. Firefighters and heavy-equipment operators have been clearing brush and making improvements to the road for several days. Additional crews and wildland fire engines have joined the effort and an increase in firefighting activity will be noticeable to residents of and visitors to Big Flat and the Smith River National Recreation Area. A Type 1 incident management team (see Young Fire above) will assume responsibility for the Eclipse Complex, including the portion of the Oak Fire on the Six Rivers National Forest, today at 6 p.m. Questions can be directed to Eclipse Complex fire information 530-493-1520.

Closures—Orleans Complex: Two closure orders are in effect for national forest roads, trails, and lands in the vicinity of Orleans Complex fires ( For the Haypress Fire, Closure Order No. 17-05-801 is in effect on the Ukonom Ranger District. For the Ukonom Fire, Closure Order No. 17-05-797 is in effect on the Ukonom and Happy Camp Ranger Districts.

Closures—Young Fire: Closure Order No. 10-17-09 ( closes national forest trails, roads, and lands around the Young Fire and the western side of the Oak Fire (formerly Prescott Fire). Closure Order No. 10-17-07 ( closes two trails near the Young Fire: Doe Flat (Trail No. 4E04) and Young’s Valley (Trail. No. 5E02). Both closure orders remain in effect until the fires are suppressed and declared out.


  • Motorists should use caution in areas with increased traffic due to fire-suppression activities.
  • Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs are in effect over the Orleans Complex and the Young Fire. Planes and drones not associated with fire operations are not allowed within the TFR. For a complete list of TFRs, go to
  • Fire-use restrictions are in effect on the Six Rivers National Forest (
  • Smoke from several active fires on the Klamath, Rogue River-Siskiyou, and the Six Rivers National Forests will continue to affect the region. For up-to-date air quality advisories, call 866-BURN-DAY (1-866-287-6329) or go to

The risk of starting a wildfire always exists. Remember: “One less spark, one less wildfire.”

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