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Milli Fire

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Deschutes National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Bend, OR 97701

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Milli Fire - August 25th - Evening Update

Milli Fire Wildfire
News – 8/25/2017

Milli Fire - August 25th Evening Update 6:10 PM

Location of Origin: 9 miles west of Sisters, OR
Start date: August 11, 2017, 2:42 pm
Size: Approximately 13,485 acres
Percent Contained: 32‰
Cause: Lightning
Resources Assigned: 673 personnel
Fire Information number: 541-719-8135

Burning Operations

Planned aerial and burnout activities were delayed today due to poor visibility from heavy smoke, but were commencing as of the release of this update. Operations will continue as conditions allow. Plans involve air support from planes dropping fire retardant to prepare a line of defense for future burnout operations in an area north of OR 242. The retardant will coat the fuel bed making it less receptive to possible ignition. This is a precautionary measure to help minimize fire spread, coupled with the mechanical clearing conducted over the past few days. Crews were also delayed in burning this afternoon along Forest Road 1018 south of OR 242. If conditions allow for a burnout tonight residents of Black Butte Ranch could see distant flames as well as smoke during these operations. These burnout activities and retardant drops are being conducted to build a fuel break or "catcher's mitt" intended to stop the fire should it spread toward the north and east. Burning operations could continue for the next few evenings.


Warmer and drier weather is predicted to increase fire activity this weekend. Fire activity on the west side of the fire burning in the wilderness is expected to increase and smoke columns will once again be seen from the area.

Work continues with clearing fuels along strategic roadways as well as mop-up along the fire's edge. Mop-up continues on the east edge of the fire, firefighters are concentrating on the southeast corner, which is difficult and unsafe terrain for the firefighters to access. Forest Road 15 south of the fire's edge continues to be prepped to be used as a containment line. Deschutes National Forest Closure Order

There has been a modification to the existing closure in place on the Deschutes National Forest, Sisters Ranger District, due to fire activity.


Current Map and Evacuation Information

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, in consultation with its partners on the Milli Fire, are continually evaluating the need for possible changes to evacuation notices.

  • Level 2– Crossroads subdivision, Edgington Road, Remuda Road, Peterson Burn Road, Wildwing and Three Creeks Road residences retuning to Level 2 (Be Set) Evacuation Notice, allowing residents to return to their homes.
  • Level 1 – The subdivision of Tollgate, all areas between OR 242 and HWY 20 and west of Cold Springs Cutoff (FS1018), which includes Black Butte Ranch.

Archery Hunting Season

Archery season begins Saturday. If your unit is within the area closure that is currently in place around the Milli Fire, unfortunately you will not be able to hunt in that area until the closure is lifted.

Fire Ban

The Deschutes National Forest is under a complete open fire ban on public lands. We encourage forest users to bring a propane stove for cooking. We are also at an Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) 4, meaning the public cannot cut firewood for personal use until the IFPL drops. All lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Central Oregon District have a Regulated Closure in effect. This restricts all open fires and other activities which are high risk for starting fires.

Air Quality

Several fires burning on the Willamette National Forest continute to impact neighboring communities. A more westerly wind will potentially provide some relief in Detroit and Breitenbush, but move more smoke into eastern communities.

The Whitewater fire continues to produce smoke and haze impacting Breitenbush and Detroit. Smoke from the Rebel and Jones Fires continues to impact the communities of Oakridge and Mckenzie Bridge. The Milli Fire will continue to impact Sisters and Bend, causing periods of unhealthy conditions.

Road Closures:

  • OR242 east of Cascade Crest to the junction of Forest Road 15. For further information see

Deshcutes National Forest Closure There is an area closure in place in the Deschutes National Forest, due to fire activity. Air Quality

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