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Sprague Fire

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Glacier National Park
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With Daylight Dwindling, Burn Window Decreases

Sprague Fire Wildfire
News – 9/23/2017

Saturday,September 23,2017

The Central Montana Type 2 Team will transition with a local Type 3 team at 6:00 pm today, 9/23/2017.

Updated Phone Number: 406-551-6295

Note: There was no infrared flight due to availability; updated acreages were last received on 9/17/2017.

Sprague Fire (5 miles northeast of West Glacier): 16,790 acres. The Sprague Fire continues to see minimal fire activity, with active edges creeping and smoldering on the forest floor. Firefighting resources continue to monitor the fire as it slowly progresses downslope on the western edge. Crews tested the hose lays and sprinkler systems installed on trails between the Sperry Trailhead and Johns Lake area. This system will assist firefighters in efforts to hold the fire before it reaches the Going- to-the-Sun Road near the north end of Lake McDonald.

Structure Protection in the Lake McDonald Lodge and North Lake McDonald area: Sprinklers and water handling equipment remain in place around the Lake McDonald Lodge complex and will be utilized as needed. Pumps and hose lay systems have been installed in the Avalanche Creek Campground and Trail, Johns Lake area, Trail of the Cedars area and North McDonald Lake area. Excess equipment and supplies are being consolidated and removed.

Adair Peak Fire (18 miles north/northwest of West Glacier): 4,034 acres. The Adair Peak Fire continues to see minimal fire activity though smoke will remain visible from the west edge of the fire. Personnel will monitor the fire from Cyclone Lookout on the Flathead National Forest and aerial reconnaissance.

Elder Creek Fire (40 miles north of West Glacier on the US/Canada Border): 282 acres in Glacier National Park, total of 2,547 acres (Note: this acreage does not reflect changes since 9/14/2017). As fire activity remains minimal, aerial reconnaissance will be utilized when possible to monitor the fire.

Smoke and Weather Conditions: Today will be mostly cloudy with chances of showers. As days become shorter and temperatures remain cooler overnight, the burn window, where fires can become more active, will decrease daily. Smoke will continue to be visible from these fires; you can monitor current smoke and visibility conditions in Glacier National Park at:

The evacuation ORDER for private residences in the Lake McDonald Lodge, Lake McDonald Ranger Station, and Kelly's Camp areas was lifted at 6:00 am on September 22nd. A pre-evacuation WARNING remains in place. The Going-to-the-Sun Road remains closed to all public access at the foot of Lake McDonald due to ongoing firefighting activity.

MOSTareasof the park remain OPEN: The Going-to-the-Sun Road from Saint Mary to Logan Pass, Two Medicine, Many Glacier, and Apgar are currently open. Please check the park website for current conditions as weather may impact closures:

NEW Fire Information Phone: 406-551-6295




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