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High Cascades Complex

Unit Information

Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
3040 Biddle Rd. Medford OR. 97504 Oregon
Medford, OR 97504

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Rogue River-Siskiyou and Fremont Winema National Forest Closures

High Cascades Complex Wildfire
Closures – 8/25/2017


The closed roads consist of National Forest Road No. 379S and all spur roads beyond the intersection

with road 3795400.


Closure area is described as beginning at the junction of NFS roads 379S and 3795400

Thence heading northwest along the 3795400 to the road terminus in section 21 of T. 32 S., R. 4 E.

Thence northerly to NFS road 620S200 and the existing Blanket Creek Fire closure area in section 21 of T. 32 S., R. 4 E.

Thence easterly along road 620S200 to the wilderness boundary and continuing east along the NFSL Boundary with Crater Lake National Park to the eastern boundary of the Sky Lake Wilderness in section 15 of T. 32 S., R. 6 E.

Thence southerly along the wilderness boundary to the Sevenmile Marsh Trailhead in section 20 of T. 33 S., R. 6 E.

Thence southwesterly along the Sevenmile Trail #3703 to the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail in section 24 of T. 33 S., R. 5 E.

Thence northwesterly along the Middle Fork Rogue River to the western boundary of the wilderness in section 6 of T. 33 S., R. S E.

Thence north along the wilderness boundary to the Tom and Jerry Trail #1084 in section 30 of T. 32 S., R. SB.

Thence westerly along trail #1084 and NFS roads 3795600 and 379S to the junction with NFS road 3795400.


Trail I090 - Red Blanket Trail entire length

Trail I078 - Stuart Falls Trail entire length

Trail I083 - Lucky Camp Loop entire length

Trail l 089 - McKie Camp Trail entire length

Trail I088 - Halifax Trail entire length

Trail I085 - Mudjekeewis Trail entire length

Trail I084 - Tom and Jerry Trail entire length

Trail 2000 - Pacific Crest Trail from junction with Sevenmile Trail #3703 north to Crater Lake National Park Boundary

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