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Jolly Mountain Fire

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Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
215 Melody Lane
Wenatchee, WA 98801

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Forest Service ORDER NO. 06-17-03-17-1031 Update October 03, 2107

Jolly Mountain Fire Wildfire
Closures – 10/3/2017





ORDER NO. 06-17-03-17-1031


Pursuant to 16 USC § 551 and 36 CFR § 261.50 (a) and (b), and to provide for public safety, the following acts are prohibited on National Forest System (NFS) Lands, Roads, and Trails within the Cle Elum Ranger District on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest as described below and shown in Exhibit A.. This Order supersedes order 06-17-03-17-1012 dated August 31, 2017, and is effective until April 1, 2018, unless rescinded, which ever is earlier.


1. Entering into or being upon National Forest System lands within the Closure Area which are closed for public health and safety as described below, and displayed in Exhibit A. [36 CFR § 261.53(e)]

2. Being on any National Forest System road, as described below, and displayed in Exhibit A.

[36 CFR § 261.54(e)]

3. Being on any National Forest System Trail, as described below, and displayed in Exhibit A.

[36 CFR § 261.55(a)]


The fire closure boundary begins at the intersection of Salmon La Sac Road and Jolly Mountain Trail #1307 in the NE ¼ Sec. 16, T. 22N., R15E. It continues up Trail #1307 to the intersection of the Jolly Creek Trail #1355 SE ¼ Sec.18 T.22N., R15E. It continues southeast along Trail #1355 to the intersection with the Middle Fork Teanaway Trail #1393 in SE ¼ Sec. 20 T. 22N., R16E., WM. It continues northeast along trail #1393 to the intersection with Johnson Medra Trail #1383 in NE ¼ Sec. 21 T.22N., R16E., WM. It then travels east along Trail #1383 to the intersection with the N. Fork of the Teanaway River in SW ¼ Sec. T.22N., R.16E., WM. It follows the west edge of the North Fork Teanaway River to the intersection with the Forest Boundary in the SW ¼ Sec. 31, T.22N., R.16E., WM.

The closure area continues south along the Forest Boundary to the southeast corner of Sec. 5, T. 21 N., R. 16 E., WM. It then continues southwesterly along the National Forest Boundary to the southwest corner of Sec. 19, T. 21 N., R. 15 E., WM. In T. 21 N., R. 14 E., it continues on a series of section lines: first along the southern edge of Sec. 24 to the western edge of Sec. 24, then southern edge of Sec. 14 to western edge of Sec. 14, then southern edge of Sec. 10 to western edge of Sec. 10, then to southern edge of Sec. 4 back to the east edge of Salmon La Sac County Road. It then goes north along Salmon La Sac road to the intersection with Trail #1307 at the Salmon La Sac Guard Station . See Exhibit A.

Roads Closed

· FSR 4300128

· FSR 4300240

· FSR 4315

· FSR 4300243

· FSR 4300127

· FSR 9701

· FSR 4300-128

· FSR 4315112

· FSR 4330-140

Trails Closed –

· Johnson Medra #1383

· Way Creek #1235

· Jungle Creek #1383.1

· West Fork Teanaway #1353

· Middle Fork Teanaway #1393

· Yellow Hill #1222

· Corral Creek #1340.1

· Sasse Mountain #1340

· Howson Creek #1349

· Little Sac #1325

· Jolly Mountain #1307


Pursuant to 36 CFR § 261.50(e), the following persons are exempt from this Order:

  1. Persons with a permit specifically authorizing the otherwise prohibited act or omission.

  2. Any Federal, State, or local officer, or member of an organized rescue or fire fighting force in

    the performance of an official duty.

    These prohibitions are in addition to the general prohibitions in 36 CFR Part 261, Subpart A.

    Executed in Wenatchee,Washingtonthis 02 day of October 2017.


    Forest Supervisor

    Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

    A violation of these prohibitions is punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization, or imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or both. 16 USC § 551 and 18 USC §§ 3559, 3571, and 3581.