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Liberty Fire

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Flathead Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
PO Box 40 Pablo Montana 59855
Pablo, MT 59855

BIA Shield

A little known part of wildfire fighting: Stopping nasty hitchhikers.

Liberty Fire Wildfire
News – 8/26/2017

Liberty Fire, outside of Arlee, MT - suppressing, containing or putting out a wildfire is the result of the intricate interaction and coordination of dozens to hundreds of moving parts. All while making a minimal impact to the wildfire area. One of the lesser known aspects of wildfire response is preventing the import or spread of noxious weeds and/or Invasive Aquatic Species. Invasive or bad hitchhikers such as Knapweed or the Zebra Mussel. Here Great Basin IMT#3 Logistics Section Chief Jason Kling explains one of the lesser known logistics functions of a fire camp, the Weed Wash & tank/hose wash stations.

Link to video ops brief: Stopping Bad Hitchhikers