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Liberty Fire

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Smoke Forecast Outlook issused August 22, 2017 Rice Ridge & Liberty Fires

Liberty Fire Wildfire
News – 8/22/2017

Outlook for Liberty-Rice Smoke Report Page w graphs & links

Smoke produced from the fires yesterday
decreased, a positive step. However with little wind and
strong inversion, smoke was not able to transported from
the area. This created “Soupy Conditions”. Today’s smoke
dispersion remains poor and AQ quality conditions are
expected to be similar to yesterdays. The best mixing of
the smoke will be from noon to about 6 PM but then settles
in for the night. This smoke pattern will carry into

Fire: Yesterday’s fire activity for Rice Ridge and Liberty
Fires was less. Hopefully this will extend into today and
keep smoke production minimal. Lessened fire activity
provides suppression opportunities before changing
weather arrives late Wednesday. These changes can
elevate fire activity and cause fire growth.

Other: Today warming daytime temperatures and drier
stable air are expected. Approaching thunderstorms and
cold front bring unstable conditions late Wednesday. This
change can clean the air. Note: For additional smoke
response information please refer to Missoula City-County
Health Department in the "links" section below.

Arlee: Similar to yesterday, moderate to USG, Unsafe for Sensitive Groups, air quality this morning improving to Moderate in the
afternoon & Good in the evening .

Seeley Lake: Also similar to yesterday,Hazardous air quality until noon; improving to Moderate/Good by 4 PM; this
is expected to last until midnight; this daily cycle starts again tomorrow.