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Liberty Fire

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Liberty Fire Update August 15, 2017

Liberty Fire Wildfire
News – 8/15/2017

August 15, 2017 - 9 a.m.

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Start Date: July 15, 2017 Origin Location: 17 miles SE of Arlee, Montana

Cause: Lightning Fuels: Timber, forest litter, grass & shrubs

Acres: 4,973 acres Percent Confinement Completed: 90%

Fire Information: 406-272-4354 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm)

YESTERDAY Because there was minimal movement by the fire the past two days, firefighters made excellent progress continuing to encircle the fire with fireline, improving confinement lines along the west side, portions of the northern border and the south-east corner. Lined does not mean controlled or contained. A section of fireline is not considered controlled or contained until the fire has burned up against it and it is cold and black for up to several hundred feet from the line towards the interior so that no sparks or embers can be fanned by winds and tossed across the fireline to burn freely.

The Evacuation Warning for Placid Lake was lifted at 12 noon Monday by the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management. The evacuation warning for Seeley Lake is still in effect.

Due to inclement weather and maintenance issues, no Infra-Red Flight was flown for the Liberty Fire so the fire acreage remains essentially unchanged.

TODAY’S ACTIVITIES – At 0700 this morning command of the Liberty Fire was handed off from Jerry McGowan’s California Interagency Incident Management Team 1 (IMT) to Taiga Rohrer’s Great Basin Team 3 Type 2 IMT. The great Basin IMT will work hard to both contain the Liberty Fire and maintain the many fine relationships established with local agencies and residents of the area.

Today’s weather will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday and the humidity a couple of points lower along with clearer skies which should lead to a bit more fire activity, mostly in the Southeast corner of the fire. Historically wildfires in this part of Montana burn from the Northwest to the Southeast and the Liberty Fire is proving to be no exception to this rule. The Liberty is bordered to the North and South by fire scars from previous fires that will assist in containing it.

Fire crews will be working on improving fire confinement lines including knocking down a 30 yard long stand of snags above the Burnt Cabin recreation area. Additionally, crews will be working on improving existing containment lines along the West side of the fire, the Northeast corner of the fire and protection around the Gold Creek Cabin.

Finally, fire crews and Resource Advisors (READs) will continue to restore several bulldozer lines along the Southeast corner of the fire containment area by blocking them at the ends so that people don’t try to use them as new roads. Berms will be leveled so the natural land contours are restored, water bars constructed at key locations to prevent erosion from future rains and spring snow melts.

Resources on the Fire: 6
20-person crews, 5 engines, 9 bulldozers, 9 skidgens, 6 water tenders, Total: 303

Wildfires are a No Drone Zone. If you fly, we can’t. Every time a drone is spotted near the fire all aircraft are grounded until we can be sure the drone is clear of this area. For more information visit Know Before You Fly,

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