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Liberty Fire

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Liberty Fire Air Quality Summary Report for August 12, 2017

Liberty Fire Wildfire
News – 8/12/2017

Air Quality Summary Report - Liberty and Rice Ridge Fires For: Saturday, August 12, 2017

Air Resource Advisor: Andrea Holland


Weather and Fire Behavior Summary: Change is in the air with the passage of a cold front expected to move across the area Sunday afternoon. With an expected increase in west winds this afternoon, fire activity is expected to pick up from what we have been seeing over the last several days.

Smoke Summary: Winds may pick up today and provide some relief from smoke. However smoke will continue to return to higher concentrations as it pools into the valleys tonight. Seeley Lake’s air quality may “improve” for a few hours after noon with variable levels closer to USG and possibly Moderate. Arlee is expected to see Moderate conditions most of this afternoon with heavier smoke concentrations returning tonight and approaching Unhealthy levels. Clearwater is likely to see Moderate to conditions throughout most of the day with heaviest concentrations around USG briefly making an appearance late this evening before returning to Moderate for most of the night. NOTE: two additional monitoring sites have been established: Condon and Rainy Lake. Tomorrow’s forecast will include these two new sites.

Air Quality Outlook (Smoke Related – PM2.5 only. Forecasts based on modeled smoke dispersion)

Sites with air quality monitors (based on an average of hourly PM2.5 values for a 24-hr period, midnight to midnight)

Site: Arlee
Yesterday: Unhealthy
Today: USG
Tomorrow: USG
Smoke Notes for Today: Smoke levels may hover in Moderate to USG range for most of day. Late tonight will see levels approaching Unhealthy.

Site: Seeley Lake
Yesterday: Very Unhealthy
Today: Unhealthy
Tomorrow: Unhealthy
Smoke Notes for Today:
Better air quality (i.e. USG range) possible between noon and l ate afternoon. Hazardous tonight.

Site: Clearwater
Yesterday: Moderate
Today: Moderate
Tomorrow: Moderate
Smoke Notes for Today:
Moderate conditions for most of the day. Heavier concentrations late evening approaching USG. Moderate most of tonight. Disclaimer: Conditions may change quickly. These predictions are based on anticipated weather and fire activity.

USG – Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

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