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Rice Ridge Fire

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Lolo National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Missoula, MT 59804

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Current Evacuation Orders and Warnings as of 9.3.2017

Rice Ridge Fire Wildfire
Announcements – 9/1/2017

Below is a comprehensive list of evacuation ORDERS and WARNINGS issued by the Missoula County and Powell County Sheriffs' Departments due to Rice Ridge Fire activity.


The following area has been put under an evacuation ORDER due to an immediate fire threat near the Rice Ridge Fire. Along Forest Service road 17507 which runs north into North Cottonwood Canyon, two cabins have been affected.

An evacuation WARNING has been issued for residents in the Kozy Korner Meadows area. Eastern boundary starts in the 7500 block of Woodworth Road and runs west to Cottonwood Lakes road, then north through the Rich Ranch. There are 15 homes in the warning area. This also includes the Black Canyon Ranch which is the only property located on the south side of Woodworth Rd in the warning area.


The following areas have been put under an evacuation ORDER due to an immediate fire threat near the Rice Ridge Fire:

Northern Boundary: The junction of Highway 83 and Cedar Lane northeast to Morrell Creek Road. The boundary continues along the Cottonwood Lakes Road east to the Forest Boundary.

Eastern Boundary: Cottonwood Lakes Road at the Forest Boundary and south to the northern boundary of the Double Arrow.

Southern Boundary: The junction of Highway 83 and Whitetail Drive east to the junction of Whitetail Drive and Dolly Varden. The southern boundary continues east to include the area north of the Commons Area and eastward to the intersection of Montana Drive and South Canyon Drive, continuing southeast along Montana Drive to the junction with Glacier Drive and then south to the junction with Double Arrow Road including Pyramid Loop and all areas in the Double Arrow Subdivision to the south and east.

Western Boundary: The junction of Highway 83 and Cedar Lane south to the junction of Highway 83 and Whitetail Drive.

The Missoula County Sheriff has extended the EVACUATION WARNING to include the area from the south Boyscout Road north to Tamaracks Resort, west of Highway 83 and east of the lake.


The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office has issued an evacuation WARNING for the Big Sky and Emerald Lake areas: This evacuation WARNING includes all properties from the intersection of Woodworth Road and Highway 83, East to Skilly Drive, and all properties north of Woodworth Road.

Residents in this area MAY be required to immediately evacuate in the future. For further information, call 258-4636.


Because of rapidly changing fire activity approximately 90 additional residences are being put on an evacuation WARNING. This is NOT an order.

This current warning area includes both sides of Highway 83 N. from Tamarack Resort to Bear Grass, extending to Bear Grass Ln, Loon Lane and Camp Creek. Also under an evacuation warning are residents on both the north and south sides of Boy Scout Rd. to the Fawn Creek intersection.

These residents should prepare for a short order evacuation. Start planning and consider signing up for Smart911.


The Rice Ridge fire unexpectedly grew from approximately 40,000 acres to about 55.000 acres. As a result, evacuation orders and warnings are being issued in Powell County. The evacuation order affects all of Coopers Lake area. The warning area is everything else north of Highway 200 with the west and east boundaries being Missoula and Lewis and Clark County.

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