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Diamond Creek Fire

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Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
215 Melody Lane
Wenatchee, WA 98801

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Diamond Creek October 11

Diamond Creek Fire Wildfire
News – 10/11/2017

While Diamond Creek Fire is not out, the potential for significant perimeter growth is limited. Future written updates will occur as conditions change sufficiently to warrant notification.

Photographs taken late last week during a flight over the fire show both the mosaic of burned area as well as smoke from consumption of unburned vegetation, which continues within the fire perimeter: and Suppression Repair: Much of the suppression repair work is complete. Crews are preparing to spread grass seed on contingency lines constructed during the fire and road grading will begin soon in areas that have been too dry to grade..

Closures: Closure details are online at: The following changes to closures have been made to allow additional access to areas deemed safe for entry:

  • Eightmile road closure will be moved to just past the Copper Glance Trail which will effectively open the Copper Glance trail.

  • The road closure at Yellowjacket Snopark remains in place. However, the area closure has been moved to the Wilderness boundary; allowing public access in the vicinity of the Snopark.

  • Upper Falls Creek will reopen; Trail 518 will open and the Eightmile Ridge trail 523 will be open and serve as the boundary of the new closure area for Eightmile area.

  • Area closure in the bottom of Lost River will be moved to the Wilderness boundary running from Sunrise Peak in the east to Eureka Creek in the west. This will open the lower 2-3 miles of the Monument Creek Trail 484.

  • The new closure area will follow Eureka Creek to the junction of Trail 474 and then follow the ridge up to Wildcat Mountain where it will tie in with the current closure on the west side. This will allow access to the lower 3-4 miles of Trail 474.

Given the hazards of smoldering stump holes and underground root systems, as well as fire weakened trees and active burning in some areas, the remaining closures are expected to remain in place until several inches of snowpack cover the area. Current weather predictions do not forecast this happening until sometime next week at the earliest and there is an equal chance that it could be 2-3 weeks away. Closure decisions will be based on public safety and actual conditions in the fire area.

The interactive map ( is useful for gaining clarity about locations of closed roads, trails and areas.

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team: With local emergency management, forest hydrologists, soil scientists, and others; the BAER team is assessing the potential for future flooding or debris flows on public lands affected by this and other fires. That team will identify areas of concern and provide recommendations for mitigation. For more on BAER efforts visit


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