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Hyde Fire

Unit Information

Prescott National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
2971 Willow Creek Rd
Prescott, AZ 86303

USFS Shield

Incident Contact

Debbie Maneely
Phone: (928) 443-8130
Hours: M-F 8-4

Hyde Fire - July 15 PM Update

Hyde Fire Wildfire
News – 7/16/2017

Hyde Fire - July 15 PM Update

Location: 30 miles northwest of Prescott in Camp Wood (T17N, R6W, S26)

Start Date: July 10th

Size: Approximately 7,831 Acres

Percent Contained: 0

Cause: Lightning

Vegetation: Chaparral and Ponderosa Pine

Resource Commitment: 75 personnel assigned - 1 Interagency Hotshot Crew; 2 Fuels Modules; 1-Type 3 Engine; 1-Type 6 Engine; 1-Type 3 Helicopter

Summary: The Hyde Fire is now 7,831 acres and is located in the Camp Wood area of the Chino Valley Ranger District. The fire over the past three days, has exhibited ideal behavior. Managers are very pleased to see that the environmental effects of the fire are occurring exactly as they have historically and as they should toward restoring the Ponderosa Pine and chaparral to its healthier and historic condition. Unlike the extreme and destructive fire behavior seen just a few weeks ago on the Prescott National Forest and elsewhere in the region, the Hyde Fire is a great demonstration that wildfire can and does have a beneficial role in the environment. Lightning often starts fires this time of year as it has done since the beginning of time within the natural ecological cycle. The results of this fire will leave the area more resistant to disease and resistant to unwanted wildfires caused by humans and/or at hotter and drier times of year. The role of the Hyde Fire is both a restorative and protective.

Firefighters will continue to engage and monitor the spread and intensity of the fire. As necessary, they will initiate management actions such as ground ignitions (burn out) or aerial ignitions to influence the fire’s intensity and severity as well as influence its perimeter growth in a way that reflects how fire has historically burned in the area. This is all done within a pre-determined area that has been analyzed against the influence of wildfire. An increase in fire size is to be expected as the firefighters keep up with and influence the fire’s spread at an appropriate pace. Monsoon weather patterns are expected to continue to influence the fire’s natural movement as well as influence these management actions.

Closures: The following Prescott National Forest lands will be closed to the public until such time that conditions are deemed safe: PNF land north and west of County Road 68 and Forest Road (FR) 9821B extending west to FR 9; FR9 north to County Road 125; County Road 125 to FR 95E; FS95E south along FS95 to the junction of County Road 68 and FR 9821B

For a complete description of the closure area and map visit the Prescott National Forest website or InciWeb .

SmokeImpacts: Light smoke may be visible in the area and could drift to parts of northern Chino and Paulden.

The public can obtain additional fire information via the following: