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Rogers Mtn - Lazier Creek 3 Fire

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Rogers Mtn-Lazier Creek 3 Fire Fact Sheet - July 17th

Rogers Mtn - Lazier Creek 3 Fire Wildfire
News – 7/17/2017

Start date: July 8, 2017

Location: Highway 2 corridor

Cause: Lightning

Total Personnel: 436

Thompson’s Type II Incident Management Team is managing the following five fires in the Highway 2 corridor:

Lazier Creek 3 Fire: 1,145 acres, 70% contained, 362 personnel assigned. Located south of Highway 2 and west of the Thompson River Road. Firefighters on the northeast portion of the fire worked to extinguish a small spot fire yesterday. Today, crews in this area will continue to grid the fire area for remaining hot spots. Firefighters on the remaining fire perimeter made good progress with mop up operations working several hundred feet into the interior.

Rogers Mountain Fire: 78 acres, 90% contained, 47 personnel assigned.Located 3 miles Northwest of Happy’s Inn. Firefighters will continue to grid the interior of the fire for any remaining hot spots as occasional smokes are still occurring in areas of unburned fuel.

Grubb Fire: 16 acres, 100 % contained, 6 personnel assigned. Located north of Pleasant Valley. Resources remain on scene to patrol the fire.

NW Meadow Peak Fire: 12 acres, 100% contained, 12 personnel assigned. Located northwest of Meadow Peak Lookout. Resources remain on scene to patrol the fire.

2645 Fire: 4 acres, 100% contained, 9 personnel assigned.Located just west of the NW Meadow Peak Fire. Resources remain on scene to patrol the fire.

Firefighting resources, including helicopters, will be available for initial attack activity in the area.

Closures: The road closure on Thompson River Road was lifted yesterday at 6:00 am. Please use caution while traveling in the area as increased traffic remains.

Weather: Cooler temperatures and lighter winds are expected throughout today. Though temperatures will remain cooler, relative humidity is continuing to drop.

Protect Your Public Lands! Check area fire restrictions and closures.