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Frye Fire

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Frye fire BAER Update August 14, 2017

Frye Fire Wildfire
News – 8/14/2017

Location: Safford Ranger District, Coronado National Forest

The Frye Fire Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) process has noted several success stories over the last two weeks. The massive wasting of rock and debris seems to have stabilized across most of the burned area. Although the monsoon rains were not present for most of the last week, a storm over Mt Graham deposited nearly an inch of rain Saturday night August 12, 2017, there was very little evidence of additional rock and debris flows on Sunday morning.

Bible Camp Road FSR 508 is one travel way that continues to experience problems. The road was heavily damaged by a severe storm the night of August 10, 2017 causing several major road washouts. Road crew personnel will be evaluating these problem areas and begin repair action within the next week.

Several projects which meet the BAER objective of “treatments to protect road infrastructure” have been successful. Notable examples include the channel clearing work completed in Wet Canyon, and the roadway repair over drainages such as Grant Creek, Goudy Creek, Post Creek, Big Creek, and Moonshine Creek. Several of these repair projects were the result of cooperative work between the Arizona Department of Transportation and Forest Service road crews.

On Sunday August 13, 2017 the aerial seeding contract was completed 1,023 acres of heavily burned area of the fire. Germination of the barley seed that was applied to the burned area should occur this week and will help stabilize the affected areas. This action completes one of the BAER “land treatment” objectives to stabilize the high severity burn areas of the fire. It should be noted that many of the low and moderate areas of the fire have revegetated naturally. Native grass species, ferns, and aspen are rapidly re-establishing themselves and providing soils cover that will help stabilize soils.

Additional BAER funds have been requested to augment the original funding request. Approval of these funds is expected sometime this week.

The majority of the Frye Fire area remains closed to public. Detailed information regarding this closure may be found at

For additional updates please see the Coronado National Forest Facebook page at .