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Pinal Fire

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Tonto National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Phoenix, AZ 85006

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Pinal Fire BAER Report No.3

Pinal Fire Wildfire
News – 6/13/2017

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) continues on the Pinal Fire. In the last week fire personnel have completed 16.2 miles of road maintenance work on Forest roads around the perimeter of the fire. Approximately 270 road culverts associated with these roads have been cleaned out. Seven culverts also have also been replaced to increase their flow capabilities.

In addition to road work, crews have completed clearing 11 miles of drainage channel of floatable debris that might move with storm waters and plug downstream road crossings.

The purpose of the work completed to date is to improve the flow of water and sediment that may result from high intensity monsoon rains on Forest lands impacted by the Pinal Fire.

Addition projects approved for funding, including removal of invasive weed species spread by the fire suppression activity, and the installation of drainage structures on approximately 22 mile of Forest trails within the fire boundary. Projects under consideration include contracts which would spread mulch over areas of the fire with a high and moderate burn severity in an attempt to stabilize slopes and reduce sediment flows during storm runoff.

While these treatments will help reduce post-fire effects, potential threats to life and property will remain during runoff events.