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Pinal Fire

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Tonto National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
US 188
Phoenix, AZ 85006

USFS Shield

Pinal Daily Fire Update May 14, 2017

Pinal Fire Wildfire
News – 5/14/2017

Pinal Fire Daily Update

Arizona Central West Zone Type 3 IM Team

Andrew Mandell, Incident Commander

May 14, 2017, 9:00 a.m. Information 928-487-0676

Detected: May 8, 2017 1500

Cause: Lightning

Current Size: less than75 acres

Containment: 0%

Location: Tonto National Forest, Globe Ranger District, 6 miles south

Globe Arizona, in the Pinal Mountains near Pioneer Pass burning in a

northerly direction.

Resources on Fire: The Central West Zone Type 3 Incident Management

There are 4 crews, 8 engines, 1 Type 3 helicopter and a total of 200

firefighters assigned to the incident.

A Temporary Flight Restriction was placed over the fire yesterday and will

remain for the duration of the incident with a radius of 8 air miles from

its center at Signal Peak.

Operational Activities: The structure protection group continues to

work on the ridge of the mountain around the private land, homes and

communication infrastructure. Crews are working on road improvements

reducing fuels 66 feet in from the road removing ladder fuels, chipping

them and distributing wood chips around Pioneer Pass campground.

Crews are scouting for possible helispot near Pinal Peak.

Wildfire last burned in this area in 1952. The natural fire frequency of that landscape is in need of the reintroduction of low-severity fire into the ecosystem to provide for fire adapted communities and infrastructure resulting in enhanced overall forest health for the future. One of the objectives of this incident is to restore ponderosa pine and mixed conifer fuel types to a more drought tolerant and natural condition while protecting the community water shed from erosion. Private land, infrastructure and recreation facilities will be protected from fire. Public and firefighter safety will remain paramount in all decisions and they are based on the values at risk.

Fuels: The major fuel types, found in and around the Pinal fire are long needle pine litter, conifer litter, grass, grass/shrub and shrub. The primary carrier of the fire at this time is long needle pine litter. Typical spread rates and flame lengths will be low to moderate in these fuel models.

Fire Behavior: Based on predict weather forecast and yesterday’s increased activity, fire behavior will continue to spread upslope continuing to follow ponderosa pine and conifer stringers. Under clear skies with table air mass expect to see low to moderate surface spread rates today through the timber understory, along with isolated single tree torching. Southwest terrain driven winds and steep slopes will dictate the direction of the spread.

Values at Risk: Private land and residences are in the vicinity of the wildfire area. Crews are protecting those homes through mechanical treatment and brush removal using chain saws and chippers. Electronic and communication sites are on Signal, Sulphide Del Ray, and Pinal Peak. Forest Service structures, campgrounds and infrastructure are present as are Mexican Spotted owl habitat and cultural and historic sites.

Restrictions & Closures: A closure order for the area has been established, please see linked document.

Special Concerns: Firefighter & public safety is the priority. Firefighting aircraft cannot fly if drones or remote control aircraft are in the air. Do not fly such aircraft within the temporary flight restriction area.

Globe Ranger District

Fire Danger: HIGH

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