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NZ Prescribed Fire 2017

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Salmon-Challis National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
1206 S. Challis Street
Salmon, ID 83467

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NZ Prescribed Fire 2017 Prescribed Fire
News – 5/1/2017

NORTH FORK, IDAHO –The North Fork Ranger District plans to implement the early phases of the Lick Creek Units 1 & 2 (200-500 acres) prescribed fire starting Wednesday this week. Crews anticipate burning on Wednesday and Thursday with monitoring to follow in the coming weeks. The Lick Creek project is within one-half to two (½-2) miles south of Gibbonsville.

Hand and aerial ignition will be used to achieve objectives. The purpose of the project is toimprove timber stand resilience and wildlife habitat by reducing fuel loading within fine fuels and large woody debris. The early phases of the project will also reduce the accumulation of fine fuels and needles cast around the tree trunks, which will limit tree mortality during landscape scale prescribed fire and wildfire activities. Additionally, this project will reduce the wildland fire threat to local residents, the infrastructure of the local community of Gibbonsville, and enhances the safety to wildfire responders when implementing suppression action. The project is supported through the National Fire Plan (2000), Healthy Forest Initiatives (2004), Healthy Forests Restoration Act (2004), and the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (2014).

This project could have continued implementation through June 30 of this year. Prescribed fire activity is highly weather dependent. Smoke will be seen from the local community, Gibbonsville, and along Highway 93. Smoke may also be visible for several days after implementation due to fuel loading and weather conditions. Please use caution in these areas during burning operations and observe any posted signs in the area. The presence of smoke may be as far south as Salmon and as far north as Moose Creek Estates. During implementation, expect additional Forest Service employees within the community at your local stores, hotels, and restaurants.

For more information, please call Wade McPhetridge, Zone Fuels Planner or Ken Gebhardt, North Fork District Ranger at 208-865-2700.


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