Pioneer Burned Area Emergency Response Announcement

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Pioneer Burned Area Emergency Response Announcement

2016 Pioneer Fire—Post Fire Conditions Definitions and Summary

Incident: Pioneer Burned Area Emergency Response Burned Area Emergency Response
Released: 10/4/2016

Post Fire Conditions – Terminology and Definitions

Fire effects literature, Incident Management Teams, and post fire assessment teams use various terms to describe post fire conditions. It’s important to understand the terminology and definitions to consistently apply the proper terms to avoid confusion and clarify the focus and products developed by these different teams and resource groups. This diagram portrays how Fire Intensity and Vegetation Burn Severity influence Soil Burn Severity.

Pioneer Fire BAER – Summary Total Assessment Area: 189,032 acres (completed with 2 assessments, covering 5 zones: Crooked River, Upper Grimes, Deadwood, Clear Creek, and Bear Valley) Evaluate burned areas for post fire changes in watershed conditions that increase the potential for threats such as flooding, debris flows, soil erosion, and other hazards. The Soil Burn Severity (SBS) map is the fundamental tool for locating and prioritizing areas having greatest risk to critical BAER values. SBS is developed by assessing fire effects to indicators of ground surface and soil conditions, properties that affect infiltration, runoff, and erosion (effective ground cover; char, ash, & soil oxidation; loss of soil structure; consumption/damage to fine roots; water repellency).

Unit Information

USFS Shield
Boise National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Boise, Idaho, ID 83709

Incident Contacts

Venetia Gempler
Phone: 208-373-4105
Boise National Forest
Phone: 208-373-4100
Hours: M-F 8- 4:30 p.m.
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