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Cedar Fire News Release


Incident: Cedar Fire Wildfire
Released: 6/24/2016

Video Briefing Transcript: Hi, I'm Todd Abel one of the Operations Section chiefs for John Pierson's Southwest Type One Incident Management Team. We're here managing the Cedar Fire. I'm going to give you a brief update on what happened yesterday, last night, and what's expected to happen today. I want to orient you to the map real quick so you understand the values at risk and why we're here doing what we're doing what we're doing. To the north here we have the community of Forrestdale, Show Low, Pinetop and Lakeside. Up to the east side you have the community of Hon Dah and McNary. To the south side of the fire you have the community of Cedar Creek and over to the west side you have the town of Carrizo. Some of the other values at risk we have are timber values and cultural sites all around the fire that obviously are very important to us to protect those. I'm going to start at the north end of the fire with Division Alpha and Bravo. You can see we have the black line on those. We've still been monitoring those for the last few days but there's been very little heat for three or four days in this area. But we're still patrolling it and picking up any other little spot fires or hot spots that we find in there.

Over in Division Charley, yesterday there was some activity over in this area basically we did some firing, aerial ignitions in there to bring fire down through the pine stringers that are carrying fire. Right now we have most of that taken care of and we're in a monitor status, watching that as it backs into fuels that won't carry fire. So we have folks in here monitoring that through the day . We did last night and we'll continue to do that today.

Coming down into Division Quebec and Romeo you can wee we have the black line here for containment. That's been cold for the last three or four days but we are still patrolling it and monitoring it due to the values at risk to the south her Yesterday they continued to do that. Last night we had some resources in there watching that during the evening and we'll continue to do that during the day also.

On Division Zulu Zulu along with Division Romeo today this is where most of our activity has been the last few days. We have this last little corner of the fire that we're trying to contain and watch it, monitor it. We had done some firing operations in here, aerial and by hand along the control feature. Everything is still working its way through the pine stringers, the stuff that is receptive to fire. It is getting into areas where it's pinon and juniper and it doesn't carry fire very well. So today the tactic is we're going to go in here, we're going to get some hot shot crews and we're going to go direct along this whole piece right here. Last night the resources were able to start mopping up along the road here and then hopefully today and through tomorrow's shift we'll be able to button this up and have direct line in here.

Coming up into Division Sierra and Zulu again in a kind of hold, patrol status. You can see we have the black line in Division Zulu, but we are still patrolling that, watching that. Yesterday there was some activity in this area. They were able to pick up a few little spots from this fire into the old playground fire very easy to pick up, very easy to manage. It stopped doing that late in the afternoon but last night we came in here and actually did a lot of good mop up in here We used a lot of water and we had two Type 2 IA Crews in there gridding and mopping this thing up. And they'll continue to do that today.

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Fort Apache Agency
P. O. Box 560 Whiteriver Arizona 85941
Whiteriver, AZ 85941

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