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Cedar Fire News Release

Transcript Cedar Fire Video Briefing 6-23

Incident: Cedar Fire Wildfire
Released: 6/23/2016

Hi, my name is Todd Abel, I'm one of the Operations Section Chiefs for John Pierson's Type 1 Incident Management team. We're here managing the Cedar fire and I'd like to orient you to the map and then I'll give you an update on what we did yesterday, what we did last night and what the plan is for today. So first of all here’s the Cedar Fire. I want to talk about the values at risk we have in the area, and that's why we're here managing this fire. We have the community of Forrestdale to the north, Show Low, Pinetop and Lakeside...as we come over to this side of the fire, it's off the map but we have Hon Dah, McNeary in this area. We drop down to the south we have the community of Cedar Creek and over to the west we have the community of Carrizo. Also some of the other values at risk are the timber sales that are on tribal land here and some of the cultural lands that are located all the way around this fire.

I'm going to start up in Division Alpha and Bravo. This has been in patrol status both during the day and night and that'll continue today. We have black line on this so you know it is contained but we are still patrolling this to make sure there's no issues. It's been very quiet in there for the last 3 or 4 days. As we come over into Division Charlie there was some activity in here yesterday. They did some more aerial ignitions in this area. Basically what they're trying to do is take care of the pine area with low intensity fire and then letting it back down into the pinon juniper country where it has very limited chances of carrying fire. So that's what they're working on today. They will continue with those aerial ignitions for moderate fire behavior on the pine stringers and then let it back down into the fuel that won't carry fire.

Coming over into Division Quebec and Romeo, same concept there. They've actually got black line here.We fired this out a few days ago and it's held for the last couple to three days so we went ahead and put black line on there and that is also helped by the transition into a new fuel model. Today they will be patroling this and monitoring this and take care of any pockets of heat that they can with engines and crews supporting that.

Coming over into Division Romeo and Zulu Zulu, I'll do those together. This is kind of where a lot of work's been done the last few days. Yesterday they monitored this, continued to prep some line in here to make sure this did not spot over the road. Yesterday we did catch one little quarter acre spot that was picked up with aircraft and crews on the ground. We were able to pick that up very easily. Last night we went in here and continued to do firing operations, brought this to the south a little bit further to the last kind of pine stringer in the area that's close to our containment line. From here down it changes to that pinon juniper fuel type and once again we'll monitor that through the day and see how that goes and make sure that it isn’t going to carry through that. Looking at the vegetation in there it should not carry but we will monitor that for the next few days to make sure nothing happens in there.

Coming up into Sierra and Zulu, again I'll do these together, once again patrolling this, we have black line here but we are still monitoring this due to the values at risk around this whole fire.

In Division Sierra, there were some issues in here yesterday. We did have some fire that spotted into the old Playground fire, very easy to pick up. I'd say probably by around 1600 (4 p.m.) we stopped getting any of those spots into the Playground Fire and they continued to mop this edge up. Last night that's exactly what we did, we continued mop ing that up and today we'll continue to monitor all this.


So first of all it's illegal to fly a drone on any fire incident and the reason we're sayiung it's illegal is when we spot a drone, which we've had rumors or possible sightings of drones on this fire, what happens is that we have to shut down all aircraft. So if we're running heavy helicopters to cool off the fire's edge to help the firefighters contain the fire or if we're running the slurry drops whith heavy air tankers and there's a drone sighting we have to shut everything down. If the drone's flying we are not flying because that's a hazard to our firefighters and those aircraft.

Q: What happens if you don't fly when you've decided [flying] is a good idea?

So if we have to shut down aviation remember that the aviation is supporting the guys on the ground.So it's buying us time to get patrol lines in. It's cooling off fire edges so our guys can get in there and fight the fire so if we can't do that that just increases the percentage of chance that the fire can get across our control line and now we have a bigger fire.

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