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Cedar Fire Announcement

Text of VIDEO BRIEFING 06-22

Incident: Cedar Fire Wildfire
Released: 6/22/2016

Good morning, I'm Rick Miller, Operations Section Chief for the type one team managing the Cedar Fire. I'm going to give you a quick update on what transpired yesterday and last night and a little look into what we are planning on doing today. First let me orient you...the Cedar Fire is here in the red, Pine Top, Show Low, Lakeside is all up here to the northeast. The community of Cedar Creek is right down here on the south side and the community of Carrizo is on the southwest side.

So let me start with Hwy 60 that comes down out of Show Low Last night everything that was directly along the highway on 60 looked really good, all we did was monitor it and patrol it. Really no heat close to the line. That's looking real good.

Coming around in to what we call Division Alpha on the north side same thing, just patrol. Looked real good no heat close to the line.

Coming down into our Division Zulu on the northeast side, we call that contained as of last night. That's looking really good. It had been a little bit where we still had heat on the line that we weren't positive that it wouldn't move and we feel really good about that now. So that's contained.

Coming into our Division S...so the previous night we had burned along what is a fire from last year called the Playground Fire. That fire gave us the opportunity because the fuels that had already been reduced from last year's burn. So we took advantage of that and we had burned along that and last night we continued to strengthen that in that area there. Yesterday going...so all that is looking really good. We were getting a lot of spot fires into that Playground Fire but with the reduced fuel loading they're not problematic at all for us. We're picking them up.

Coming into the ZZ area...for our piece...yesterday we had crews prepping that for an effort to burn that out...and then the night before they had just come down to start down that road system and it was looking good all day yesterday...late in the afternoon, if you see this red blob, this is an IR flight, an Infrared flight that shows the fire spread last night at about 10:30 I think that was taken...so late in the afternoon about 5 o'clock in the afternoon this made a push at our control lines so we had to pull people out and get them out of the way. Once it died down and cooled down we got them back in there, and so last night we finished this burnout up and we tried to get ahead of that so the burn operation after the IR flight probably went south of that so that's all looking good as we speak.

With that coming down into Division Romeo what we did last night was just patrol and monitor. Our efforts in there are all looking good. And that was really to make sure that the community of Cedar Creek was protected. That all looks real good. We burned out a road system in here a couple of days ago and that looks good and it's starting jto reduced the threat to Cedar Creek in there.

Coming up to this Division Charlie area, if you look at the fire's edge there's about seven miles of that is out in an area that doesn't really have roads or have much access for us at this point so we're monitoring that. We're devising a plan where we're going to take advantage of a fuel type change where we don't think fire will burn beyond, if we put fire in there on our own terms. So thats looking forward probably what our plan is in there.

And then this little piece, yesterday we did burn along Hwy 60 in there yesterday and that's an effort to keep it from getting to the north and west of Hwy 60.

Going into what we're looking to finish today is all this prep along the middle fork of Cedar Creek, and as well there's a road system that we want to prepare to burn out with the intent of potentially burning that tonight which would contain this whole eastern half...which we're hopeful we'll get that done. I do want to talk real quick...if you all know how to read topographical maps, all these little lines, the closer they are the steeper it is, and so there is really rough terrain out here and it's really rough for us to model what the wind and the weather's going to do out there and that's been a struggle with frequent shifts and what's predicted.And it's been difficult for us to move through some of this time and space but a we are really close to hopefully getting ahead of this and turning the corner.

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Fort Apache Agency
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