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Route Complex

Unit Information

Six Rivers National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
118 Fortuna Blvd. Fortuna California 95540
Eureka, CA 95501

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Update: Route & Mad River Complex 9-1-2015

Route Complex Wildfire
News – 9/1/2015

Route & Mad River Complexes – September 1, 2015 A.M. Update

Route and Mad River Complexes

Mad River Acres: 37,462
Route Acres: 35,675
Mad River Percent Contained: 95%
Route Percent Contained: 100%

Total Resources Assigned to Both Complexes: Aircraft: 2
: 16
Engines: 21
Dozers: 3
Water tenders: 12
Personnel: Approximately 900 Mad River, CA—The Route Complex is now 100% contained, meaning that there is solid line around the entire fire perimeter. All forward growth has been stopped, and any identified trees, stumps, or other material that could fall and threaten containment lines have been extinguished and/or removed. However, areas of unburned vegetation will continue to ignite and smolder until a true winter weather pattern arrives. Smoke will be visible, and firefighters will continue to watch for potential re-ignition and debris on roadways and over containment lines as trees fail and roll down steep slopes. Residents and visitors in the area are advised to watch for pockets of heat (especially in stump holes), falling trees, and rolling debris for some time. Warmer, drier conditions predicted for over the weekend could increase chances of ignition. Suppression repair is continuing throughout the fire area. In suppression repair, crews address any damage done during firefighting operations. This can include repairing roads, bridges, culverts, etc., that were either damaged by fire or firefighting apparatus, rehabilitating new dozer lines that could cause access issues or erosion, minimizing woody debris via chippers or masticators on roads and fire lines, and building waterbars to address potential future erosion. Crews are also collecting any excess firefighting equipment left on the line, including hose, pumps, and portable water storage tanks. These items will be cleaned, tested, and cached for reuse in the future. A Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team has also begun assessment work in the area. The BAER Team looks at potential landscape and watershed threats that may occur post-fire. They assess both public and private property for future erosion and water quality concerns, burn severity on the soil (including looking for viable seeds and seedbeds depending on the depth of the burn), and other potential effects to both human and animal populations. The results of the BAER Team’s assessment will be made public when complete, and residents are encouraged to call the fire information numbers (above) with questions about the BAER Team efforts. Evacuations and closures Updated as of 8am on September 1, 2015: Roads may be intermittently closed without notice due to tree/ debris removal. Please call the fire information numbers (above) for the most current road closures. · Forest Road 1S14 Road (Rutledge area) is under a voluntary evacuation. (Reduced from mandatory.) · Forest roads within the fire perimeters remain closed due to falling trees and unsafe conditions. Please visit the Six Rivers National Forest website for more information, and adhere to signed closures. Fire name Acres Percent Contained Mad River Complex Lassic Fire 18,014 95% Pickett Fire 10,985 100% Gobbler Fire 8,279 100% Route Complex- 100% Johnson Fire 34,005 100% Buck Fire 1,669 100%