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Lake Meredith Prescribed Fires

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Lake Meredith National Recreation Area
National Park Service
419 E. Broadway
Fritch, TX 79036

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Prescribed Burning Today at Lake Meredith North of the Dam

Lake Meredith Prescribed Fires Prescribed Fire
Announcements – 3/11/2015

Yesterday’s Accomplishments: Yesterday, March 10, fire managers completed prescribed burns in the Stilling Basin burn unit (approximately 57 acres), the Spring Canyon burn unit (670 acres), and the Triangle burn unit (162 acres).

Plan for Today: Today, March 11, firefighters plan to continue prescribed burning at the North end of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area in the North Canyon (1,610 acres) burn unit. Burning will begin mid-morning and may continue throughout the evening. Closures: The Mullinaw Creek Campground, access road, and trail will remain temporarily closed for public safety. This area will be assessed for safety today and may reopen this afternoon or tomorrow. The road to the Bugbee Campground may be temporarily closed today if needed. Safety Message: Temporary delays and pilot car escorts may be possible along FM 1319, FM 687, and FM 3395, in the vicinity of the burn, near the Sanford-Yake Dam. If you are traveling in the area, please proceed with caution when smoke is present. Slow down, turn your headlights on, and watch for firefighters working along the road. Smoke: The forecast today is for light south winds which may move smoke to the north. Plans For the Week: No additional prescribed burns are planned at this time. Fire managers will continue to monitor and patrol recently burned areas at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. Approximate Acres Accomplished to Date in 2015: 2,873 acres · South Canyon Unit (620 acres) · Cedar Canyon Unit (82 acres) · Sanford-Yake Unit (428 acres) · Alibates Flint Quarries Unit (3 acres) · Mullinaw Crossing Unit (586 acres) · Water Authority (125 acres) · Stilling Basin (approximately 200 acres) · Spring Canyon (670 acres) · Triangle (162 acres)