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Lake Meredith Prescribed Fires

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Lake Meredith National Recreation Area
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419 E. Broadway
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Prescribed Burning Planned March 8 At Mullinaw Crossing

Lake Meredith Prescribed Fires Prescribed Fire
Announcements – 3/8/2015

Fire managers plan to burn approximately 80 acres at the South end of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area in the Mullinaw Crossing burn unit today, March 8. The burn will begin mid-day and may continue throughout the evening.

The Mulliaw Creek Campground, access road, and trail will be closed temporarily for public safety. The area is tentatively anticipated to reopen on March 11.

The forecast is for west winds, becoming northwest in the afternoon, which are expected to move smoke to the east and southeast. While smoke will be present in the vicinity during burning, it is generally expected to settle over Lake Meredith.

If you are traveling in the vicinity of the burn, please proceed with caution when smoke is present by slowing down, turning your headlights on, and watching for firefighters working along the road.

Fire managers plan to continue prescribed burns at the North end of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area in the areas of: North Canyon (1,610 acres), Triangle (162 acres), Spring Canyon (670 acres), the Stilling Basin (207 acres), Water Authority (125 acres) throughout the week. During the prescribed burn some areas of the park may be closed to the public.

Cooperators include the Bureau of Land Management, Fritch VFD, Borger FD, Stinnett VFD, Hutchinson County VFD, Amarillo FD, Crutch FD, Potter County VFD, and Randall County VFD.

Firefighters will only conduct prescribed burning when conditions are conducive to burning safely, taking into consideration such factors as weather, fuel (vegetation) moisture and availability of firefighters and equipment.

Fire managers previously treated approximately 1,632 acres in February 2015 including the South Canyon Unit (620 acres), Cedar Canyon Unit (82 acres), Sanford-Yake Unit (428 acres), Alibates Flint Quarries Unit (2 acres), and Mullinaw Crossing Unit (500 acres).

The purpose of the prescribed burns is to reduce the amount of fuel (vegetation) available to burn in the event of a wildfire, thus minimizing the risk to the public and communities surrounding the park including Fritch, Sanford, and Bugbee and also the Mullinaw area. This is important as the amount of moisture received in the last six months has caused an above average growth of grass, resulting in several areas of concern. Prescribed burning also provides ecological benefits including the future restoration of Mixed Grass Prairie structure native to the area before European settlement.